10 Pro Tips for Playing RPG Games (2018)

hello guys and welcome so today I wanted
to make a top 10 list of bits of advice for people who want to approach RPGs aka
role-playing games now I've been meaning to make this video for really long time
but I'm finally sitting down and doing it now the reason I wanted to make this
video is because I have a lot of friends who are content creators dreamers and so
on and when Final Fantasy 15 came out like a year ago they fell into certain
traps certain holes which didn't allow them to enjoy the game whereas I because
I'm an experienced RPG play absolutely loved it and I got I had a hell of a
time playing it so I just wanted to give my advice so number one be ready for a
journey the difference in RPGs is that they are a long long journey so you
explore a new world you meet lots of interesting characters a story will play
out whichever way which way it goes you might even visit other worlds and so
on so be ready to embark on an epic journey the difference in RPGs is that
everything you do from beginning to end has an effect on what you do so you
level up from 1 to ever the max level is you cannot go along the way you meet
interesting people along the way and so on so be ready for that so it's not like
you know the typical popular games now like League of Legends and fortnight
which are just like when the map wouldn't do again it's like it is a long
epic journey so be ready for that mentality that you're embarking on a
journey number 2 grind the monsters so as you're first exploring the game and
so on you'll be presented in any RPG you'll be presented probably in a zone
which has level 1 to 5 mobs at the beginning level up they do kill as many
as you can until you get to a point where the mobs your equal at least to
the skill level of the highest mob in that zone before you move on so grind
grind grind and what that allow you to do as well is you'll find a pickup as it
depending on the game better methods better drop spare item better equipment
and so on that's so it's worth grinding what will happen if you don't do that if
you skip ahead for example then you will probably find yourself
probably maybe halfway through the game this is typical an RPG where you're just
severely underleveled and you can't go through a certain boss and you have to
backtrack and catch up where you were so I would say grind from the beginning
like grind as you're going cuz games are really well paced these days so they are
designed for you to grind as you go so embrace her and then feeding on to that
number three do the quests at the appropriate level so if you are level
free and you have a level three quest do it get it over with
finish it like don't ignore certain quests even if it seems easy and then
maybe you you're like you get to endgame and you think oh maybe I should do this
quest now because when you are certain levels above this quest it will have no
reward for you whatsoever a reward that's not worth it
so do the quests when they're relevant level to you okay number four keep gear
up to date so as you play the game more and more off you geez you get off gear
drops whether it's equipment or accessories or stuff like that so just
make sure you're always wearing the latest and greatest for that you have
simple as that because it will help you fight quicker it will make fights easier
and it'll help you progress on so be do pay attention to your gear number five
pay attention to the story the point of RPGs is like I said it's a journey so
you really miss out on the whole enjoyment of an RPG if you skip the
story that's the whole point of it it's like think of it as like an interactive
storybook okay so enjoy every moment if you're not into those all games whatever
but like that's the point of an RPG enjoy the story embrace it but I will
put a butt to that there are some games where the side story is a bit too
intense so for example I did play recently RPG such as sword art online
tails off and so on if you read every single word of every single side quest
you're gonna be reading more than playing so there is a balance to be had
but for the main story usually main story quests are clearly defined in
these in RPGs these days so make sure you pay attention at least to the main
story okay and then number let's see where was I saw you
number six embrace team play so quite often in
games these days whether it's ninokuni or Final Fantasy or tails of or any of
these big RPGs you will have a group of people that you go with rather than just
one single character so I think we've moved away from the single player setup
single player setup of the old games that like the tomb raiders of the past
games like that whereas now you have squads of players going you know
characters going through this RPG world so do apply the rules to all of them
update all of their gear like see what you can do to work better as a team
are there some like in it the latest need okuni for example you had six
characters and then but there was only freeze types or characters so two of
them used spears two of them used hammers two of them use swords so I just
embrace the team play by using one of each so one sword user wants to be a
user one hammer user simple as that so do embrace it do look at how you can
optimize your team and so on and then number seven don't be scared to use
guides you know guys because some of these RPGs are huge they're massive so
they're full of side quests and you know there you have a lot of things that you
need to really think about so embrace it like use guides if you get stuck use
them don't allow something that you're stuck on to stop you playing the game
more you know so quite often when I'm live-streaming an RPG I will say to my
chat as like can you help me I can't work this quest out while I'm doing this
can you look up what I need to do next stuff like that you know so don't ever
stand still just because you can't work something out like even me as an
experienced RPG player I use guides but not for like the whole game beginning to
end but just for bits I get stuck on and don't be scared of that it's normal and
also there number eight don't believe the hype I think a lot of people that
were put off by for example fire Maxie 15 because there was rumors going around
things like oh this game will take more than a hundred hours to finish
you know and all this other rubbish it's rubbish is hype is rumors you know just
embrace them play the game you know just enjoy the exploring of the new world and
so on because when you are in the RPG mode I recently I just now today funny
enough finish ninokuni – it's only 45 hours to do I promise you it did not
feel like 45 hours not not even at all you know I swear even two games a
fortnight feels longer than the 45 hours I just put into ninokuni – so yeah
embrace it like enjoy it guys I enjoy the journey
you just don't be put off by these timings and even if it is a hundred
hours so what as long as you're having fun that's the main thing and then
number nine as I was saying before explore you know it's like the nice
thing about RPGs they create a whole world for you to explore so embrace it
see the sights that you'll be amazed at sort of sights you seeing games these
days like you'll be mother you can marvel at some of the locations because
the way I see it is like developers are putting and using their imagination and
putting on your screen so I like seeing other people's imaginations and then
last but not least number 10 get your money's worth
so like I said RPGs are a long journey so do explore do as much side quest as
possible do as much story as possible level up as much as possible a good
indicator for me is how close am I to a platinum trophy now some plan of
trophies are impossible to get or really hard like they might take hundreds of
hours to get for very little gain you know you have to spend hundreds of hours
grinding the last three or four like medals but it is a good thing to do if
you really like the game if you like the world that you're exploring explore it
to the max because in for me personally once I leave those games I never return
to them ever there's always more games coming out so get your money's worth
while you're in the RPG and enjoy it as much as you can that's all I'll say
so anyway guys that's my top 10 tips for approaching RPG games I hope you liked
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recommend final fantasy wall to final fantasy Kingdom Hearts the square
RPGs you also have the tales of series you have ninokuni you have sword art
online you have so many RPGs Japanese RPGs general RPGs to check out if you
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