5 Proven Tips for Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

so one of the best ways to start making money on YouTube is affiliate marketing it's how I was able to originally go full-time and then eventually generate multiple six figures of income as a content creator so in this video I'm gonna be breaking down five advanced strategies to help you crush it with affiliate marketing this year coming up hey what's up Sean here with ink media bring you the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video and we're in the middle of our affiliate marketing series now in part one we talked about the basics and how to get started with affiliate marketing on YouTube but now in part two we're gonna dive into some advanced strategies so get ready now this was actually recorded of a talk I did at a conference called vid summit in LA it's put on by Derral Eve's and it was exciting to be able to share the stage with people like Gary Vaynerchuk and Peter McKinnon and my session I talked all about affiliate marketing it's something that I've been able to go full-time doing and generate multiple six figures of income doing and I've learned that there's some small strategies that may seem simple they might even seem obvious but when you apply them you can see massive results with your content and making money online so let's cut over the content right now and then after I've got some bonus resources for you so I'll see you soon and the first tip is this share products that you're passionate about share products that you're passionate about you know there are a lot of people sometimes in this industry when you talk about passive income and affiliate marketing that it can get a little sketchy it can get a little weird and honestly there's a lot of people who just aren't frankly good people they're just all about making money and maybe not really they don't have the highest integrity levels I think as creators and as business owners I think integrity is everything I think legacy is everything I think if you're ever making short-term decisions or decisions just about money first you're gonna lose in the long term so ultimately though when you share products that you love and you use and you're passionate about then ultimately you can also build your brand build trust with people build your reputation and make money in the process it's really cool and so I mentioned for me I started doing video in 2003 and so when I started doing affiliate marketing around you and ten it was just logical and natural for me to start helping people with cameras so I started to do let me just have you ever seen a video of me talking about any kind of tech can you raise your hand awesome so like that's that's what kind of it comes from right I've my background in video production and so a video like this like best cheap cameras for YouTube I'm just going through a list I've tried a lot of cameras I'm I geek out about cameras I'm obsessed with tech I'm obsessed with cameras it's like my hobby and my passion I love to study them and use them and try them and all these different things and so it's very natural I think even that also helps passionate come across on camera and so ultimately look for things that you're knowledgeable about that you're passionate about that you care about and that really helps you make a greater impact with affiliate marketing the second thing is brand alignment brand alignment you know there's a lot of opportunities out there maybe you find an affiliate program that's very lucrative but just because it's lucrative if it doesn't align with your brand then it might be kind of hard to promote unless you were to do it in some way where you maybe set up a site or there's a lot of cool things you could do like or you just buy a domain and it's not your personal brand maybe it's just some other thing if that's the case then you just want it to align with whatever brand you're building that affiliate link on but for most of us if we are a personal brand if we're putting our face our likeness or our voice behind something we want it to align so on my tech channel think media you know I would cover a lot of different things so just in a couple of six months ago seven months ago from now I and just these were the four videos that I took a screenshot of I covered a computer a PC for editing 4k video I covered a lens for a Canon 60 mark 2 I covered a tripod and so these are all different aspects of my tagline that is helping you with the best tips and tools for building your influence with online videos so those are just tools for creating online video but then you'll also notice that I even did like a standing desk a little bit weirder but at the same time it's also aligned with the brand why because you need a place to work from and so if you even you might be able to find like software and different kinds of affiliate things that you can align with your brand you may just want to bridge it like why are you talking and it happens to be electric so it is kind of a tech desk but it's also that's where I'm gonna edit from I I'm also able to share a little bit of my personality which is a tip because I'm not just reviewing products I want to share what I'm passionate about I'm passionate about health fitness you know like personal development like a routine optimization and so a standing desk I can get like really excited about and so it's all about that brand alignment now I've got another channel I don't do very much with it but it's just under my name's Sean kennel and on that channel whatever brand it has is more about like lifestyle fitness health personal development and so I will do product reviews life hacks video blogs there and so on that channel I did like the best self-improvement books and I talked about some of my favorite self-improvement books right now that that video would not really work on think media it would be off-brand and so why it might be something I love and something I could do I think that if you want to build your brand and not just make money it's important to consider brand alignment this is Heather tourists she is actually the operations officer for think media but she's also got this awesome home school channel that she's kind of just doing on the side she's super passionate about home school helping home school moms and she's kind of doing it also as an experiment but then getting really cool results with it as well so another good example best homeschool books three books for homeschool moms and another fact is that if you type that into YouTube right now that video shows up number one in search super cool so if you type that in that video is there so people watch it even if she's not working or not even if she's not uploading new videos or not and then they click on those affiliate links in the last check I think she got from Amazon something like a hundred and twenty dollars basically Amazon helps pay for their groceries every single month and it ends because of actually just doing a side hustle a hobby YouTube channel their entire home schools paid for all the different things they do because they do different affiliate programs different other ways of monetizing so it's super cool what you can ultimately do with this and so tip number three is market size and search activity market size and search activity ask yourself how much interest is there in this product or topic if you want to make big money with affiliate marketing you actually need a big market at some level if there's just not enough volume or not enough people that are searching or looking for certain things then you potentially can't make a major impact touch your neighbor and say how much interest is there in your topic ask them back just ask them that look at the person on the other side and say it seems that you've lost interest in this presentation just tell them that I can tell by your energy right now yeah so how much interest is there in your product in topic this is important this is why you want to research before you press record why you want to research before you press record so if I go to the YouTube search bar and I type in best camera YouTube is really cool it like predicts the things that people are actually searching for pro tip there's a cool tool that's free it's called keywords everywhere you can download it at keywords everywhere calm and it'll show you the search volume of different search terms so this is actually now able to tell you search volume of your of your keywords right and so if we look at like best camera for YouTube 18 thousand one hundred people a month are actually looking for that information it's a big market plus they're big they're it's a costly item so there's a market size there's actual investment people would make into that so you actually go okay well then that potential market has a lot of upside as it pertains to a profiting from affiliate marketing now power tip here is your product name versus a product category this is what I mean need to intact I cover like the Canon M 50 I think that's one of the best cameras all around for youtubers right now product name versus product category so you know I overview something like the Canon M 50 that's people looking for a specific product this is an opportunity in your niche someone maybe already knows the thing that they're looking for but a lot of times they don't know what they're looking for yet like the average person doesn't know like when they say best camera for YouTube that's because they don't even know the brand name or the thing that they might be looking for and so I'm a Sean cantle channel I'll cover a lot of different things and so one year I was covering these laser Christmas lights and this is an example of a specific product Holly gu Christmas lights and they got 11,000 views cool though because it's very specific so you can get in front of that specific individual that's looking for that the second option here is your product category and that's best Christmas laser lights and that one now it has 300,000 something views on it right why it's a little broader because someone has doesn't know the product name yet but both are a massive opportunity and so something to consider if you type in like gift ideas for photographers we learned that 1600 people a month are searching for that super cool and actually another person onto think media team and an awesome creator that you definitely got to meet omar he's got a photography channel so he did gift ideas for photographers and his video ranks number two and then he just talks about it a bunch of different things in that video again if they're looking for that information you don't know what you're looking for you need kind of a category you need kind of a cluster and I know a lot of you in this room and know that you do a haul and you do a list or you do something of like just a category a cluster of items a big opportunity to get in front of an audience that's looking for products and then potentially profit from affiliate marketing alright tip number four stay tip number four look at the person on the other side and say you really need this tip man you really need this tip time is everything timing is everything if you want to crush it with affiliate marketing timing is everything so we mentioned this video gift ideas for him you can imagine that when you would want to release the video like this could be any time during the year because it doesn't actually ultimately say the holiday season or anything like that but this video really performs well during holiday shopping right makes sense and actually when you look at it year after year this one video gets traffic that spikes up right around the holiday season which is super rad but you want to release your videos based on that optimized timing and so every year you'll see me doing Black Friday and Cyber Monday man I'll do prime Day I'll cover a lot of things like that or you might cover just and if you're like fashion or lifestyle of course Europe probably already doing that you're doing fall looks you're doing summer you're doing back-to-school you might be doing timing related to events all types of different things and a key term here is tent poles tent poles and a key tool here is Google Trends free tool Google Trends you can write that down and what you could do is if you type in a term like Black Friday it will actually show you the reason it's called a tent pole is because in the search traffic it makes a tent like we could go camp like right in here right who loves camping boom there you go right inside of that tent and so when we study out Black Friday we actually learn that November 12 through 18 is when there's a massive rise in search and popularity for the term Black Friday and so even though Black Friday is November 26 as early as about 10 days or more before people start getting interested in it so you can start reverse engineering and planning out the timing of your uploads in the content that you're putting out based on tent poles you can type in any term you want to figure out and better strategically position your content for affiliate marketing and also views so what are the tent poles in your industry what are the tent poles in your industry maybe it's events you know for us we cover CES NAB every year in Las Vegas those are tentpole events because not just in the physical location of a lot of people showing up lots of people actually come to a search online around events it could be the holiday season it could be seasons it could be even different things that people would search actual keyword terms it could be something around the latest movie release or the latest Star Wars release it could be Call of Duty if you're gaming and and right now the new black ops is coming out or whatever it is like you can find different tentpoles in your industry but then strategically time the release of your videos and so power tip is to calendar block the planning and production of your strategic videos how many of you are like me and sometimes as a creator as a creative like you wake up and you're like so what video should I shoot today and then you're like and then and that's you haven't had coffee yet right so yeah you like you're like let me drink a couple cups of coffee they're like oh maybe do this and you just you're kind of like in reaction mode you're trying to get going and then eventually you shoot like one video and then you're like yeah I remember a couple years ago I remember um you know I would be like Thursday which is Thanksgiving and I'd be like oh shoot Black Friday's tomorrow like you know like I should probably shoot something I should probably get it ready because I was kind of in reaction mode if you really want to accelerate your impact as a creator as a youtuber as an entrepreneur I think that you want to have better planning right prior planning prevents poor performance if you fail to plan you plan to fail so when you start to calendar block out your content you can maximize your impact and so I like to think okay let me actually block time we use Google Calendar I use Google Calendar and I will look ahead and say okay I'm gonna start planning out in November right now and I already a.


what I'm gonna be doing throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday and throughout the holiday season and life gets busy you've got kids you've got a family you've got responsibilities so if you block it on what gets planned gets done and so when you put it on the calendar you say it's a shoot day man that's your family know like we're going all-in you got to take the kids man I need to get some videos done and then you can get ahead and that'll really help you increase your results tip number five is maximize trends maximize trends and so I mentioned those Christmas LED lights and have you ever seen those before they're like the little things where you just like stick them in your yard and they just project on the house who here hates those can you wave into me yeah everybody not everybody but it's so funny but you know I realize there may be kind of weird they're not the coolest but I love them and here's why man I mean maybe I'm just lazy but like when it comes to putting up Christmas lights it's just the worst man you're trying to get the ladder out of your garage your garage is a mess you're trying to like keep your mic on it's falling off I mean there's just all these different things that could happen but you know you out your getting the ladder out of your garage you pull out your lights two of them are broken you're like I can't get them to work you're taking all these trips you know you're just nailing them up on the house it's crazy now maybe they look bad and I love traditionalists or like look it's National Lampoon's Christmas that's the only way it's gonna be I'm gonna have the brightest house come on you know Griswald stapling you know glowing breakers like i love you guys for that me I saw these I was like this is gonna take me seven and a half minutes to get my Christmas lighting done you take it out you plug in an extension cord you shove it in your yard and you turn it on you're like that doesn't look that good but uh and it is done yeah plus tear down is you know it's not very hard so but what's funny is is you know I started seeing these years ago and they were they weren't like that popular maybe three years ago maybe two years ago I was paying attention to trends around my industry everywhere I go hey Sean where should I see trends don't just look online like always be looking for trends in your industry so I remember walking into my local grocery store and I walk in and boom there's a whole display of these Christmas lights like laser Christmas lights and when I just saw that display in a grocery store I was like man these are becoming mainstream and then I thought to myself I know nobody's covering these on YouTube yet like this is still early but like their mainstream like people want to look for him so I went home did my research remember research before you press record and I was like oh man a lot of people are looking for information about these laser Christmas LED lights right and so I was like and there was barely there's like no videos out about it and so I was capitalizing on a trend I was timing is everything I was early to a trend so I sat down shot a couple videos and then sure enough they blew up like and just that first year the video generated just that video generated a couple thousand dollars in affiliate revenue plus you know an Amazon if someone clicks your link the cookie tracks for 24 hours so most of the stuff I sell isn't something I've never recommended I remember one time I woke up and I was looking and there was the $1500 gold coin and I was like we're number one I had no idea Amazon sold gold coins I mean I guess it's the other everything store but you could buy gold coins on Amazon so that was the first thing but then I looked and I saw that my Commission was a hundred and eighty six dollars and then I was like I was sleeping all night when that you know money came in right like legit why because when you have more links out there in the world people are shopping anyways they click on your link for the laser lights and they might even be like those are ugly like honey can i buy the laser lights no you know no shame in my game man come on Shawna I was doing it for the YouTube video so you know whatever and so uh but I put the the video out and so over the holidays sooo by the way this is good timing they be hearing this talk we're about to go into fourth quarter no matter what you do with affiliate marketing every year are like income goes up 4x if we do nothing just because so much more volume happens in the fourth quarter of the year and so it could be super super powerful and and there it is video crushing there's links to the different light options that I talked about in the video and this is actually a bad example of being on brand like this is a channel where it doesn't really have a strong brand but it is a channel where I can experiment on videos like this and even generate money and it's kind of cool but this one generated 350 new subscribers so when you put out even just a product review especially if it's related to your specific industry and your niche then you can ultimately really make also get subscribers get to meet new people and so you're winning on multiple different different levels in the process alright so I hope you found those strategies valuable and if you did can you smash the like button that would mean the world to me and I love affiliate marketing it has so much potential but there actually is one challenge when it comes to affiliate marketing that makes those strategies not work and what that is is if you're not getting views you know like if you're not actually getting people watching your videos getting more views on your videos then it's hard to generate any real income so if you want some help with that we just finished up a brand new checklist we had updated our prior checklist of what we do to get more views on YouTube to get more subscribers to make the videos that your audience wants to see and so if you want to grab that for entirely free you can click the link in the description below or just go to viral video checklist com download that and that's going to help you get more views so you can make money with affiliate marketing question of the day what affiliate programs have you tried and are you a part of I for me I use Amazon but we're part of about 20 different affiliate programs now so I'd love to hear what some of your favorites are in the comments section below [Music] [Music]

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