Affiliate-Marketing-Tipps für Anfänger-Beste Affiliate-Marketing-Modelle

Affiliate marketing tips for beginners.

What are the best affiliate marketing models?
and I'm talking about the models that are used by top online Affiliates and top online
marketers in the world.

Don't do what most affiliate marketers are
doing which is they pick up a product at they start marketing.

Why don't you do the same thing as top online
marketers in the world do And that's exactly what I'm going to do for

I'm going to take you by the hand step by
step and I'm going to show you the three models that really put these people and I'm talking
about the top online marketers in the world that generate millions of dollars.

These are the models that put them on the
map and now you can copy the same thing.

They are doing don't worry.

That is no plug for you to buy a course in
this video.

This is absolutely free.

All I ask is to subscribe drop a like and
Share this video as I promised you we going to talk about the best affiliate models.

It is no coincidence when the top affiliate
and the top online marketers in the world succeed.

It's not a coincidence because they just picked
a product that they saw.

So on YouTube or YouTube video or somebody
told them about it? It's not it takes a little bit more finesse.

So I am exposing a world that maybe it's a
kind of foreign to you.

None of the less.

It's very profitable based on my teaching
so far that I don't like to just go with a product and just go with it.

So what are we going to do here? We're going to talk about the best affiliate
models use body top Affiliates, and I'm talking.

The top Affiliates in the world as you know by
now, I've been in this business for over 12 years.

I don't like to talk about myself.

It's all about you.

So let's go ahead and get started.

I'm going to go ahead and just get started
here with the first one what I mean by that is the first model and the reason I'm going
to do that is because it is very important for you to know this model and it's used a
lot a lot of Affiliates that you probably so that they are generating, you know, half
a million a month some of them more but let's go ahead and focus on this again.

I'm not saying that you will make any money
out of it.

I'm just going to give you a disclosure, but
I'm just going to show you some of the affiliate models that they are using one of them is
called detached affiliate model as the name implies.

It's not attached to anything.

There is no specific Niche that you are going
after and then I'm going to show you an example here in just a little bit.

Now, yes, you get a need a website.

Just want to let you know that you're going
to need a website and an addition to that you can do it as hyper as I have done before
but I don't want to be so complicated at this point.

Let's take it a step at a time after the website.

Obviously, you have to create a website.

The website is really not a big deal.

You can hire somebody from Fiverr or what
have you and right now they are just creating websites there.

Just especially for niches where you just can
plug them in and I'm talking about you not selling your own products.

In other words, you are not having a warehouse
you are just an affiliate you going to need a traffic you get a need a Blog review any gonna
need a backlink and affiliate link.

Let's go ahead and talk about that.

He'll just very quickly traffic.

We already know what that is.

You have to drive traffic.

You can do it in a combination of some things.

One of them is a blog review you have to
Add a Blog review.

I'm just going to show you here in just a
little bit what I mean by that then a backlinks backlinks in case you don't know what backlinks

These are links that you maybe you wrote a
blog post somewhere else not on this website on a high-value Google rating website where
kind of gives you some kind of an authority on a specific subject or subjects affiliate
links basically as I told you before and I showed you where you can go.

Go and get them in case you don't know what
I'm talking about.

You can just go and watch one of the videos
about affiliate marketing products.

So let's go ahead I'm going to go ahead and
show you one that makes a really good understanding of what I'm talking about.

This is detached.

Okay, I call it Detach marketing.

Why is it detached because if you look here.

This is backyard Beauty cars cleaning clothing
education electron.

So forth so it is not attached to one Niche.

It's a lot of different niches and what happens
is that you don't have to be very good about these products and so forth because a lot of
times when you get your affiliate links when you are doing that, they also have the letter
a' of stuff that they can give you like a Blog where you can modify of course and then
put them on there.

It's not like you have to start all over again,
and it's a huge Thing A lot of people do with the wrong way and they go and they do it the
hard way you don't have to and if you look at this and you think that's too much.

I think it is if you started out with this
detach model, you can start maybe with two or three and then you can grow from that end.

Now as far as the reviews if you click on
that and I talked about that before just a little while ago, here's about cleaning.

For example, they show you a few stuff here
and then they give you Reviews about this comparison and some people love that because
they want to be educated a lot more than just a few stars like you see on some website and
then they give you a little bit more information about the particular model, what it does.

But again, they did not invent all that because
the simple fact when they have for example this right here, they are giving them some
kind of resources.


Now this would obviously from Amazon they
have an Amazon affiliate affiliated with Amazon, but not all their products from Amazon.

So you can see these are all these are Affiliates
some people think that they're not these all are affiliate most of them are Affiliates.

So I hope I shut the light on a little bit

This is I would not recommend it for somebody
who is brand-new after you get some experience under Your belt, I would suggest that you will
do something like this on the side start small and then after that, you can expand it.

Obviously, the top affiliate marketers do something
like this, all of them have something very similar.

I do myself.

I'm not here to brag about myself.

I'm just going to show you something.

I don't know these people.

I don't have any relationship with them because
I don't want anybody to think that I'm promoting my stuff and so forth.

So even cars cleaning but times you have you
do have an advantage because maybe you have worked in a retail place.

Maybe you have some knowledge about
some stuff about car repair.

It really doesn't matter.

You can start right there if you have that
experience, and if you don't worry about it, it's all there a lot of these things and
reviews that I talk to you about.

These are not that hard at all.

All right, let's go to the next one, which
is a relevant affiliate model as the name implies.

You are relevant.

To a specific one Niche one Niche.

Yes, you do have to have a website.

The reason I'm doing this because I'm getting
some emails and I'm getting some comments and questions and some people they just like
to do affiliate marketing through websites.

It's okay.

That's fine.

You can do that.

As long as you follow the instructions that
I'm giving you because a lot of times when I go and I look at some YouTube stuff.

I see somebody.


Let me show you how to To do an affiliate
and they build one in front of you or they tell you where to go and do this and do that.

Well, they're not giving you the options.

I am giving you the options at this point
and then you can make up your mind based on your own experience and your own knowledge
to decide which one that you want.

You need traffic a Blog review and you need
a backlink and a fully links and I have talked about that before now the difference between
this one.

And the one before is just
like a different niche under different sub niches and markets.

This one is just one.

So let me go ahead and show you an example
about this.

This one right here is about vitamins.

And then, of course, they go into like I taught you you need to go under different sub-niches like adults kids Pets.

The main ones are right here.

There are three of them and under that there
is women a lot of people asking me about the niche is how to pick up how to pick your Niche
and I have shown you a lot of time people get confused and I got a lot of questions
about that.

So the questions that I really got our do
I have to go that deep.

Yeah, you have to go that deep.

Here we go.


It's vitamins for adults women parental men.

You see what I mean? And they have right here.

They have three niches under this they have
baby toddler kids teens.

They're – they have three as well.

So they are covering a lot of good sub-niches
and that's what I told you exactly and I give you a blueprint with 27 ready to go niches.

If you don't know what I'm talking about go
ahead and check out my video, which is called the best Niche for affiliate marketing.

Now, let's go ahead and kind of like take
a look at this and let's go ahead and go under under men.

All right.

Now these guys they just go straight and they
kind of like tell you about the stuff now under purpose there are stories values and

And of course, they have a blog like I mentioned
you have to have some kind of a block when you are selling a product because sometimes
you have to talk about the benefits, but you can put it all under this so here they show
you like three of them and they have a subscription or you can just pick one and all of these
are Our affiliate links a lot of people don't know that I'm not saying go ahead
and start that big these people been around for a while.

You can start small and then make your way
up don't think that these people are grabbing all the market.

They're not there's a lot of rooms for everybody.

So you're probably asking yourself.

How do I get the Affiliates? Of course? I did give you, I had a video about this and
in case you don't remember or you don't know just go to my website and look at about
the best niches first because you want to know what your best Niche or the niche that
you want to pick and then after that and I gave you a downloadable printable blueprint
for the niches.

So you'll have it in front of you.

And in addition to that.

What I did is I made a video regarding how
to get links for example how to get Affiliates and I'm talking about the best products best
Marketing products.

I have more than one video about that and
I give my recommendations as well.


These are physical products.

They don't have to be they can be something
else just like this one right here.

They talked about education.


This is not a physical product education and
I'm going to tell you upfront the prophet are usually more in digital stuff or just
linking someone to a website all these right here.

Obviously, they don't own them.

You're smart enough to know that scholarships.

For example, you click on that and then it
takes you to all these right here scholarship money big future and scholarships.

com and
then they tell you a little bit more about that and they tell you that they're going
to solve your problem.

Obviously, you're smart enough to know they
don't own these things.

They are just affiliated with them.


Let's go back to here.


This is about adults you go.

And this is just like an itch like I mentioned
to you the video that I made regarding that.

Alright, let's move on.

This is engaged affiliate model now like I
mentioned before I am not telling you how to build anything yet before you build anything
before you are like watching a video on YouTube and they go like okay go here go there go
there and then stop building before you build anything.

You need the information and which direction
in you need to go based on what based on your strengths and your passion because I'm giving
you right now what's out there how you can start making and succeeding in affiliate marketing
and making passive income throughout the time and that's what the top Affiliates do.

They don't just pick one product or to product
nowhere, of course, you have to have a specific Niche.

You don't have to have a website now.

you should have Your website what
I'm talking about a website that you need to sell your product on you don't need that
you need what I call a branding website because you don't need to be homeless online a lot
of people believe it or not.

They go and look you up.

I do have one.

If you go to Mark Daniells double l.

com Mark


You see you see my branding website just talk
a little bit about me.

I'm not selling anything.

I'm just saying this is about me.

This is my qualification.

I do exist.

This is how I look like and things that
I believe in and my experience and that's about it.

Some people want to know.

Oh, how this person looks like.

Is that person some kind of a crook behind
a wall or something makes sure to do that and I do have everything that I'm talking about
is in the links below under 6s tools.

You can build your own website very quickly.

Now the other thing is I want to Talk about
is that when you are using this model, I'm going to explain to you here in just a little
bit exactly how it's done.

You don't need a website to sell anything.

You can graduate to it later on.

Now the way I do it.

I do it, hybrid I do hybrid which is engaged plus one Niche.

I don't like to do a lot of niches later on
you can they are some people they get together one person has a strength.

And something another person has a strength
and something else.

This is fantastic to have detached affiliate

But for this you don't need any of that.

All you need is what I'm going to tell you
here in just a little bit.

So please pay attention.

This is very important.

Again, this is before you pick your product.

What do you want to do? Because 99% of all the people who are starting
affiliate marketing they are confused frustrated overwhelmed because they're not getting the

Formation here.

I'm telling you exactly what it is.

And then it's up to you to decide what you
want to do.

Now in case, you want to do one of these and
you're interested in going about the details of it.

Make sure to let me know and put something
in the comment and ask that question.

So if I have enough people who are interested
in whatever you're interested in I can go ahead and just make a video regarding at something
in detail.


Now you need a hop what I mean by that is
is so Social platform that could be Facebook Instagram so forth.

I'm not going to go too much into that because
it's self-explanatory.

You need something where you can sit there
and talk with people some people don't like to show their faces.

You're not shown your face.

That's fine.

If he's on some kind of product but if you
want to do this, the objective is you need to build a tribe.

They have to see how you look like.

Okay, and this is the most lucrative one by
the way, so Don't underestimate it because this is very lucrative.

What do you are doing? You are building your own tribe, which is
you build that you trust and then what happens statistics showed when people trust you they
like you what happens they tend to buy more and more from you just because you are telling
the truth.

You're just saying, what do you think about
something? You're not trying to please everybody just
say what's right.

So you want to build a tribe people that follow
you people.

That they believe in you and people that really
like you a lot.

The reason I got my YouTube channel.

I reach the threshold.

I got very quickly some people take years.

I did that in a few months.

Why because I'm given value.

I'm just saying whatever I believe in and
you need to do the same thing in order to build a tribe.

I give people a lot of things that it costs
thousands of dollars for them to get or to know about and that makes a huge difference
now I fell Marketing you sell affiliate marketing or your own products? Guess you have a knowledge about a subject.

You can create your own course.

Remember when you create a course that course
created one time and it keeps selling again.

And again, yes, a lot of people asked me to
create a course for a for getting for beginners.

I don't have one.

But if I have enough people I will I'll do
one that really works because I know exactly what you're going.

Going through because I've been there people
try to throw in different directions.

Okay, as far as the cells I feel it, you know
where to go to get them.

If you don't just watch my other videos now,
let's go ahead and talk about this one.

This is the easiest one to start I'm
talking about.

Of course.

I'm talking about this one right here, which
is the engaged affiliate model.

You can start it tomorrow within 24 hours.

If you follow what I was telling you everything
is in the link they Top conversion model is the best one if you want to get started very

And this is what I really want you to concentrate

The other ones are down the road, but my job
is to give you options as I see it all the time on YouTube.

They start a video on YouTube and they tell
you about one thing because they want you to buy a product or course.

There's no course for me to sell you but a
lot of people asking me about I created a course.

I'll see about that but I'm not about this.

So here is you know exactly what you want
to do.


Here's how it works.

Everything in here that I'm going to talk
about is provided in the links under success tools.

So what you do is you get the traffic I tell
you where to get it within 24 hours.

You can build a bridge page even gave you
a free funnel which is cost hundreds of dollars.

I gave it to you free of charge and what happens
What are you using this engaged model you want to do a conversion? This is how you actually start making the
money you get the traffic you send them to a bridge page where they can get some value
of it.

And then you get them into the autoresponder
after that.

It's the way I have it is automated.

They go to the thank you page and then they
go to the affiliate sales page all that is done automatically.

Now I'm talking about here one product.

You can do multiple products.

Later on when you get somebody and you sell
them something what happens you can do it over and over again.

A lot of people ask me this question about

They said well, I don't want to because I
tell you opt-in page and a bridge page on one page is really the best.

But if you selling a high-end product, you need
maybe a separate page to make a little bit more convincing argument for them to buy
from you.

But if you are new never do that don't Sell
High ticket items people don't know you they have no trust you'll be wasting your time
get in with something small later on that is related.

And then, later on, sell them something better
said hey, yeah, you got this from me.

I got something better for you.

Okay, don't do that.

I get a lot of emails about it.

Well, what is it Bridge page that can really
help me at this point because you are new don't worry about that all the Formation that
I gave you which is how a ClickBank for beginners complete tutorial.

This is the name of the video.

I explain about all these right here and I
give you a real-life product in front of you and I did all that and I tracked all of it

So make sure you do that.

Now after that what happened you would send
them emails and usually minimum I get 40% And conversion on this if you follow exactly
what I tell you, there is no reason for you not to get 40% conversion which is which is
good especially for a new person very good A lot of people get one two or three percent
conversion, but when you do it the way I'm doing it right here, which you can watch that
video and you can follow it.

Then you can become a little bit more successful
starting from zero so you don't have to go through all that trouble.

Of learning all the mistakes that you might

Now as far as the autoresponder right here
you want to send them an email that happens automatically as well.

I'm not here to show you exactly how all this

I'm just giving you a synopsis regarding the
engaged model.

Now, I have given you all this.

I hope this really made sense again.

The reason I'm doing it here.

I'm not doing anything fancy, but I'm just
giving you the idea is that you should know about then you can make that decision don't
Turn and look for people who are really so engaging all I'm going to make $5,000 on one
day and things like that.

If you don't believe me go and watch one of
my videos about how to succeed in online marketing because I show you all these scams and and
I'll break it down why it would not work.

So I hope that really helped now if you want
to learn a lot about online marketing affiliate marketing, all you have to do is just go and
watch these videos up.

Up here and you'll know a lot more than what
you know, now these videos actually costs thousands of dollars if you want to watch
them or you want to purchase a course, why do that when you get in for free also, make
sure to share this video with somebody that you love or you care about or you can just
share it on your Facebook that would help this Channel and support it tremendously and
as usual, I'll see you at the top.

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