Affiliate-Marketing und Recht – Was musst du beachten!

Hello everyone, we are live for two again today: Sabrina is here and I'm Katrin Hill, Facebook Marketing Expert.

Today I want to squeeze the Sabrina into the law when it comes to sharing affiliate links.

I'll explain exactly what that is in a moment.

First of all, I would like Sabrina to introduce herself briefly and tell us once when did affiliate marketing even start and then I explain then maybe again for those who do not yet know what that means exactly.

Sabrina, tell me, what are you doing exactly, who are you.

I'd love to.

My name is Sabrina Keese-Haufs.

I have been dealing with the whole subject of IT law and especially online marketing law for years.

I like to be on Facebook a lot myself, so it made sense to say i also like to do facebook right in quotes.

Exactly, that's my area and yesterday I already told you a bit about Jeff Bezoes and divorce books, where some have thought, what does this have to do with affiliate marketing.

Quite simply, it might just be a legend, but it is said that Jeff Bezoes' 1996 was at a cocktail party and there by a lady the said was addressed: watch out, I have a portal for divorces you could sort of settle divorces online at that time and you have also books about divorces if you now put them on my side then probably sold more to the chain agents video on the changed claim it back then because total war arose This is exactly where the story of loses marketing related to the topic they say always passive income I have to work harder for it I can give you two examples where I lose marketing stakes and work so that technically so I am selling something strange that is something and no longer heard and get a commission for it and technically still solved that so that I have a certain code where you can get such a certain url yes that somehow has my body in it and they look different everywhere for example portals where we can do that kisdorf 24 points the story offers when I don't use my products I can say okay sabrina you could have my left in my course sell and get a commission for it yes that means I use it, for example, when I do introduce For example, here is my technique that I always have fresh for live videos My tools are listed on my website what I use and there I then lost left tonner that I always say when I do that I know very well and can absolutely recommend it I have already done something there, for example, when I meet other strangers sell courses i sometimes just have the strangers briefly mentioned or I even made the whole lounge you can you guys may still remember i made the song balance a whole week i sent people to a stranger for a short time loses links used and is then a cookie is set via this link that means if the cookies are not deleted at he then measures the certain width every time, even if a week later then love course buys when he has gone my life at some point then i still get my commission it depends on how long this look is saved, usually 90 or 180 days amazon for example if i have an amazon affiliate link then is it doesn't matter which product i buy that day for 24 hours, no matter which product I buy the one from whom I have the link gets the commission example that myself this technology is only about a little money I say a little bit about amazon, for example, are on cents there is not much more then but in the American curves and dominant very common that at 50 percent of the sale will be given away but you can still make real money do it very differently what you sell then you get one drive with the sale, that is what the seller himself has to do then specify but and there we go That is of course nice and good if we do that if we have money there In the end, most of them dust off and we have just discussed that with marina if we do that, a labeling requirement is right there marina same have to tell power and almost nobody says around but tell me what would you have to do if we were like that we simply use lost lying Some see advertising as advertising, but there is also a bit of advertising in June Winter Bacon Banker Would Offer No Money because many also say yes, there are still products sent or if there are any still under construction we all know that hermann hötker would then be done sometimes you also say the signature don't do the ballet opposite should also is definitely right and good of it but anyway advertising what many have in mind advertising only when I get money but is not or is a car backup and marketing also includes that is also the sense or which is used to doing differently then make yourself around christian canestrini ed markey whether that is mostly about a contract that explains the health insurance companies or even when I say we want to together we don’t make a problem at all, just like a kind and what one However, in the bgh, both parties must be aware of the fact that the product is close i don't want any terms told my people i was but we take no idea that will make both of them great am i excited said succinctly i don't get a commission that explains the format and one is no longer so of course always important sometimes one thinks that the customer newspaper is progressing but that is how it is allowed Of course, not even the ideal one anymore anyway, probably through there yet no judgment to judge gemma or sue anyone probably not enough old people's home say advertising would be around have the roof through your bench where they say warming is right work with you partners together so amazon comes after a week also extranet they want then that also happens there are also the word advertising support not for fun either, but because they are of course also involved with works by legal department have and over seems over complicated and where that when we in we don’t have to say that we don’t have to do germany that is loses left but we have to say that it is advertising that would then be more correct exactly you can of course also at 2 that you forwarded it to me don't get a commission i advertise anderson products or for These seasonal products are also important, of course, on the labeling the second station also made you can look there and on the school side once written about it because some people do that at some point Wasn't even enough to know a star with history nearby, of course, ideally at the link or drive over the link or freed always has my whole next In principle, you can go upwards simply and compactly about donations, on the other hand, choose normal things and then call them advertising you are definitely on the safe side because that would be just like us one and a half stories again a warning and just because someone else would say yes also will unfortunately also do a lot of people not again in such a way that my research centers choose each other could Pictures discovered became known immediately after purchase and of course is here if it sounds 200 that she doesn't even know what keeps me interested in who of them to watch that makes only simple write my comments yes that you already loses left may also have to or no if you do not do and say I would like to know her still from me now, if it comes to you now have stated on the website so it should be clearly visible right away Endermann marked several links, for example, in the upper area Bein can do it on facebook if we kind of make a link there that was very happy to make it chic again by a lost link example with linking so how do I find it not ideal because please use the link and short sentence one I have not covered by the link must now me everyone with how many people clicked on me but he is, for example, the plug-in pretty wings statistics like a lot of people have fake times the putin link they gave me kathrin help completely amazon price and then redirects to mine over not far from amazon and have bet directly on kobe yes I have to forward to every facebook post that I knew make it clear that this is advertising so clearly that should do it, but I don't believe you either I always think he will and will not bother him from what the always what is behind it not bad because of course consumer or suspect again yes no longer have to pay me already from the tactics to the technique of baking and playing that's also sold well still to people who are still below and I am also happy to think about it because processing with now also all in portans forbid that in the conditions better from but dolls there are of course next to the end of high-resolution but also other portals, of course, where you can either use the to say a word and then i sign a contract for a third if you will and therefore the relationship must not be used Men make their own tools in the end, apparently not even able to remember or no idea what kind of kindergarten house if the Lifting set and maybe still and always switch that, however please always read a few numbers under conditions also at these conditions are exactly one place of the word residents otherwise should be on your side because I can also find what you can find first of all to find this course that emmerbach doesn't just have to ask you say it is nice if it is well hidden, it should definitely be like that then already done it right there we do not do another download in the download what he has to pay attention to and could also integrate with you from the sabrina I was allowed to or can do that in the comment here immediately after the video i'll do it again sabrina what if i don't do it like that, I'll be honest with you, I haven't always done that either with a few in the facebook post said good advertising now I'm starting again and you don't make me so obvious say, for example, I have the post the affiliate left and have the note that there is advertising maybe a comment underneath to not quite obviously now it was probably going to be said again everyone loves and we also know that most of them will be fit again too getting clearer and clearer still the mega star was the further development also going of course a little will of course is not only also if you now have to make advertising or advertising as the only one clearly I can also know best so what can determine Kate can of course and receives the warning from a competitor yes because of competitors or consumers all when she says that is So not a way I go there has the advertising is like I said plays or not I don't have to do any advertising, I fight just to say that I casually mentioned that too when I talk about product prices and about it or what they show then is that on the soundtrack a little too Basically uncritical but also with videos and video topics more and more now also advertising or permanent advertising what you understand when those at dm em and there you can get 1000 euro sometimes I am not surprised and afterwards it is clear how naturally on the screen and also observe correctly works the same way because you do not now describe the link or that who of course also do that on Thursday in Bonn like never before made is also probably unlikely there but also that portals or in operations and you must not be cold of course that was dinge terms of use violates it proceed so i think that will also not yet so dramatically think clearly whether one should think about that is just clearly something just advertising it's exciting so I think you have to be a little careful I have I understood that correctly now, I really haven't made a correct judgment give or learn the guidelines now but we haven't yet clarify in court just as we have not and that does so not at all behind vw variant my type of advertising was the gradation I would go away that of course already good of course still a bit more strictly weigh up whether you can live with it can be a warning because somebody many I also believe that then maybe not at the moment the state of affairs and the time is really a completely different one thing on board is also simply from the account You can't go back to anything other than affiliate marketing and say what I know michael vassiliadis also a topic what we can record I would say that was just now this basic structure would definitely like to ask here at the beginning then you have questions about affiliate marketing and what to look out for considerably berlin your comment even if we already no longer performance very happy we then take a look at it regularly again on the button and further deeper questions may be a topic competitions we take next will probably also or we have are already thinking about whether or not to include there I liked a bit of feedback in the comment below The topic of you here was so facebook shops with me legally or competitions what you like to pay attention to below in the comment that brings back great feedback.

I already have my feet in the comment in there that means in there what exactly describes now in the download again with the program but today I said you have the one again Left meadows of the hidden partner stories, everyone got it I just like it again that has to grip exactly and that too even more it's all easy to post as vice again from a tourist point of view Marketing once activated because today is also happy to be here go on and as always when you download but there is still here No problem because small did not buy me but otherwise exactly I would I am happy I now have a few more questions.

Cost asks, for example where use would be legally okay and now it's longer says rumors he would accommodate that as a subtitle section of the restraint yes because probably after as an example and only then do I like to do one little promotion for content that was mentioned in the pot and blog if you do something there I get a small commission that you no longer pay costs and allows me to get the platform yes, yes, fight and prosecution Advertising is but something else occurs to me, I'm also myself offers links for people who want to sell my products so guaranteed right because not every mouse but I also have to pay attention to something legally or then ultimately the debt for the relief itself is no more than 100 link so give as important up to two weeks really silly but the full benefit has been deliberately defined that is so purely legally so it will actually happen without you looking very good think so will do for you because if less an understandable one is legally liable without you to copy so on the green quotation marks that's still right when you're out of things good that no product but nevertheless the logo makes for example java will then mutated get a free license from you you know you can do that very briefly on saturday for a certain period of time how we work together may use my logo or my legs, for example moves the sent so delic and bein should determine the advertising on the of course and which borders where otherwise, possibly the brands in june were celebrating alex if you go now Of a special also not necessarily provided so by uncritical but of course it doesn't matter the pictures see there again at all that does not automatically mean that the images can be used on it available when a number of the platform is available is asked then I go but he too but that or seven years I do it differently and exactly how just like that and so I would like to where may I also, for example by then I have for the fourth extra dropbox folder where I then all three can operate a database whether he wanted it or wine marketing but with that chrysler originated when I say a customer of mine used as an example mainz loses link and makes a mistake that means it may then warned here by a competitor and then I can do it all burgio are liable because both will continue to be brand or worth then he is just me prosecuted because she made the mistake and I'm particularly annoying in the economy now in the case would also be expected every day and something like that gets a bit of the dependency on the communities their demolition that they say you tax less that's a bit as if they come to fruition I ask someone to help me I give all the things that we have and only date them if you still have them the pedestal only from whether I give it says you can also define that will be theoretically no liability could be assumed on your Images give legitimate protection he can't quite understand that even if I send him this video, for example but not to then the liability lies again with you or then you have I don't believe him because of the few possibilities I don't intend to do that anymore than when I have the platform the contract with which it would only have to be garnished and then there is, for example, a suitable predecessor has what is one with the deletion and the imports contract with the family forbidden after to break open his arrest and effects where hardly any documentation the question of whether that already gartner and then there is still but that worked so I really clearly document the people for it that it is always so much the better that it is explained and the better one can also be one run for a few days and I don't and that can't be calculated at all what is right I believe that the way I do not do that one not eat now everyone but I really choose a lot and first price that your own will recommend properly, says schneider element and i only work with teenie star, for example because technology is not solved in this way advantages, for example, some other platforms on the German market if you as a buyer give out this option here gangster whole portion and we now have a question from viola I can on facebook in my info page say that all further links Advertisements are in the posts or something is hidden The dishes are not always so everything we find here is advertised exaggerated and thus given up again on the train that means the current bayern is always short of his advertising on google the real weapons that would of course also be imagined during a travel weblog would then really if I no longer read so which blog one of here i have no bombs i know not if I describe back there would have to be a bomb or thanks to years not at all internet was always better than not having it at all that is always done well, it would be better of course if you stood up the page already noted afterwards are in the contribution to the example the ball super very nice i think that clears most of them first ask as I said consolation with gladly your questions that you still have on the topic her in the comments and then yes i have been between stop shops are probably not bad as you get more and more the data can also be found in belfast and donates a lot of things to the belfast looking at us clarified we start with that he between and then worry still keep working thank you sabrina Thank you for your input for everyone against the download not yet Have brought down the link is in the real estate comments and separate I'll grab the description again, thank you very much very precisely the entire legal history i don't cover myself i'm not a lawyer and sabrina is simply our experts here topic and that's why we want to add it here, I'm very happy that you are there I wish you a nice one day and have fun with the affiliate link, above all improvising can tap and I already know thank you sabrina and see you next legal interview

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