Der ultimative Guide zu The Elder Scrolls Online (1)

hello and welcome to my medal and this is the ultimate one guide to the elder scrolls online part 1 of this and probably the following videos I explain everything you need to know about tea you wanted to start with it, but I have one or two new ones myself experienced things when i was collecting information so it could also be something for long-time players be there what you don't know yet, please take a look at the video description if you know the exact subject matter of this video and the I would also like to know the relevant point in time.

I also recommend the comment must be activated because there are individual topics in the video notes through which you can get more information and there we Now that everything has been clarified, we also start indirectly with the guide online is a fantasy mmo rpg from the house of his ex pair live streams originally the game for pc m was released on april 4th 2014 with a subscription model was released almost a year later on March 17th, 2015 the game was switched to buy the monthly subscription fees fell away and you only have to buy the game again for that much to be able to play as one would like together with the conversion became a itemshop implants by placing a cosmetic item and an extension on site the title has also been extended so there is just a blank scrolling online called logged in or short you a couple months later on june 9th 2015 the game appeared for xbox wii and the playstation why does it take place shortly after the end of the second era about 1000 years before the events of skyrim this one time for your political instability It is known that the previous emperor was murdered and the factions quarreled therefore who is to become the successor who is for it, morality tries this take advantage of this and make it to the imperial city in the heart of tamaris Bringing under his control his goal, however, depends entirely on it as a player, it is your job to bring cold waters To prevent this traveled through tamil which this case very large parts of tamaris means and not completely all areas of the map does not yet include the single player games have always been on one area concentrated example that skyrim are now on the edge of heaven significantly more areas are open and can be explored by the player why do you have the choice between three factions of the german alliance just heart packs and old more dominate the choice of the faction determines which one race at your disposal are therefore the area in which you have your adventure will also begin, of course, your affiliation in pvp is also firmly there the three factions are at war with each other and move into pvp territory carry out the through protection alliance was invested in in the year 567 of the second era the province of helmand was founded the man is king of the city emmerich succeeded through his skillful negotiation skills the actually warring peoples of the roma doni and the orcs to convince an alliance with the bretons first of all, he secured the trust of the kings of heidi roth promotion through a marriage under his banner he concluded with the orcs a diplomatic pact to rebuild their home kingdom about senior and so he himself became the high king of the german alliance examples you have the choice between the Bretons the red and the orcs as a playable race the heart pact was in mr 572 founded the second era and is clearly the most unusual of the three alliances at the time of the akw region version saw the north die dark elves and diakonia forced to make a pact with each other to oppose to be able to survive the superiority of the fine but actually a great dislike of each other for the three peoples and are therefore rather involuntary in an alliance, but genre the gallows king has succeeded in putting aside the hostility and the three peoples to subordinate to a common goal with me march pact you have the north those who help more or less and diakonia to choose from the third of the alliances is also the youngest, the admira namely, dominance came as a reaction to the acute threat to Temple founded when the high elves learned that the imperial city of merzen temmels under the control of the human followers of the prince of terror month The electoral booth turned to help the neighboring peoples of the world and concealed to enter into an alliance with them under the guidance of kings iron they want to prevent the world from entering is plunged into misfortune again as it has so often in the past has happened half a million you have to between the old more or high elf infos more two differences decide after the faction has been chosen, the race is up for grabs this is particularly important because it doesn't just look like yours character determined but you also have passive bonuses granted these must However, the british are only unlocked through skill points master of magic so add over increased maximum magica over a high resistance and all magica skills also cost something less besides, it is easier for you to train light armor at vox is the maximum life and the endurance increases you regenerate your health costs a little faster and because they are fast-paced warriors do not sprint as much force and you sprint faster In addition, the damage in hand-to-hand combat is slightly increased and the handling of it is more difficult armor is easier for you to learn how to handle a weapon and red wine Shield your stamina faster than others and your stamina regeneration are increased and if you hit an enemy in close combat you get something endurance back blast furnaces are not that dissimilar to bretons They also have the maximum magica and their regeneration is increased for it But they die trained in dealing with destruction and also their attacks with forest fire and shock effects cause more damage The wood elves have increased stamina and are stamina regeneration something more resistant to poison and such harm and to the master of the Stroking and bowing for it are the cannibals because everything has its own advantages and disadvantages of inca is easier to see Armor to learn your life and stamina regeneration is increased and you can then sneak off their cats from nature In addition, your chance of critical weapon hits is slightly increased diakonie have dedicated themselves to the topic of healing but mostly of your own if you take potions you get magica stamina and health back and if they are healed they had to care too another bonus to that you swim considerably faster than others and also dealing with healing is easier for you the dark elves have about increased marica and endurance as well as fire resistance at the same time Damage with fire effects increased and also wielding 2 1 hand weapons they are less difficult in contrast to the north more resistant to frost their maximum life is increased and the locals reduced they are well versed in dealing with them with two hands and your life regeneration is also increased the last In this race available are the imperial ones by default one has on But if you don't have access, you have to go to the deluxe version of the game first own or upgrade to it later for this you get, among other things, the imperial and the increased endurance lives have been able to handle 1 hand weapons and shields better and theirs To be able to deprive opponents of a little life and add them to your own teese's class system differs significantly from that other mmo snt so you should understand the class rather than basic classes which give the player a basis but ultimately not the style of play already pretended in simplified terms that means that The class you choose is not limited to a single role only because one of the classes is called dragon knight it doesn't have to be a Heavily armored knights with the fat two behind are played on the contrary the dragon knight, for example, is ideal as a formal piece that is because of the fact that minute so all classes with all races still all weapons and armor can combine to remain an example dragon knight but it can also be played with a bow and light armor without any problems just as well with leather armor and safely died what you finally have want to make character is not limited by the class is called class here only that there are three ability trees that are only this class can use all other trees all classes have access specifically means that the dragon knight makes the trees consuming flame draconian and your dennis heart to choose from today has a flame which stands for fire everything is just on fire that gets in your way that makes you the whole thing is a welcome dede in your group laconic power a bit more defensive no matter what the opponent is doing you have on all the right answer you can do any tricks easily counter if he is the supporter role then you should choose the heart Everything that is needed now for euro support is located here signs smoke clouds simply everything a child's heart desires the sorcerer has in dark magic the irish conjuration and storm call in the dark magic tree it's mainly about opponent control and there is one more you are in the for a bit of healing through the däitsche evocation with a tree be able to call demons as entertaining accompaniments to support you If that is not enough, you have a few deeper charms in the repertoire and the storm puppen bonn is a very offensive building with a tall structure damage potential you also have the majors signature teleport and of course lightning the templar had the earthly spear the wrath of the dawn and that restore laid our game is mainly for deal damage well, he conjures up a game of light and opposes it his enemies he has a few more points useful and usable space skills from dawn is on the other hand, set significantly more defensively, with eclipse this tree has a Strong team talent can damage the opponent but also through their effects use against you restore light, on the other hand, is a healing tree albeit a little selfish their allies or removed negatives effects from you but for this you always get something in return, mostly in form of healing and the night klinger has michel mort shadows and displays in your repertoire martin has its strengths in a high fit damage and in mobility through skills like punch and teleportation you can increase its chances of selection by blurring it significantly the shadow space, on the other hand, focuses on attacks from the shadow out while sneaking out to attack reinforced and you can back yourself into a whole group relocate and that in the middle of the fight in the end logging out tree is all about skills overtime property damage healing or slowing down to the principle of this tree over attacks which the opponent the can withdraw life why are there three attributes that every character has and that he has with every new one level may increase because every level increase grants you one point line Distribute on one of the three attributes these attributes are magica endurance and health and they are incredibly important, albeit in part For this reason, they would be confusing with patch 1.

6 last year too revised and now have even more influence than before being able to do them is therefore extremely important during the level phase in endgame that is a little different again because it is no longer so important where you invested the points 1 because there are mainly some values ​​over the equipment is determined magicka determines how many on magica Using based skills can include almost all skills also weapons where the staff is an exception if you don't Be sure whether a skill scaled with magica or persistence looks in the description after there is always an indication of who magica value also affects the rate at which your magica restores In combat, however, this value is reduced and ultimately influenced This value also adds to the damage of magicka skills and the critical ones hit chance and also reduces incoming damage from magicka skills endurance works as well as magica with the difference that it is Of course, endurance skills are also related to almost all weapons skills also died and, depending on the individual position, also died A few other skills apply to both the tire damage and the critical hit chance and stamina on skills is increased and the Incoming damage from exchange skills is reduced health I like a bit out of the series here because this value is a bit easier with more points in health you increase your health life energy at the same time increased but also health regeneration within the struggles outside this value does not matter Round stones are another way to add your own character to something to individualize those scattered all over the world stones are already known from parts there wanted a real stone and grant the player a special that lasts until you get through it Another mode Steinbach replaces it is therefore advisable to do so beforehand to think carefully which what you would like to have you have to change clubs first travel to the corresponding stone and determine which stone which belongs to which the stones are classified according to the signs of the zodiac, close to nature the regeneration of magicka the prince maximum life the princess increases the armor the apprentice increases the spell by striking Worth the lovers reduce the incoming damage from spells the ritual the amount of healings the shadow he will do the critical harm the snake the life regeneration outside of the fight the warhorse the speed of movement of the tour increases the maximum endurance of the increases the critical hit chance world wars increases the power and the magician the maximum magica little tip at the end of everyone's mouth stones can you can also find them in syria there they are much closer together which makes changing easier you have several other titles in the elder scrolls series in these die possibility to become a vampire or a werewolf to do this, you simply have to find a very rare pack of matching ones on it hope that you meet and get infected and finally one more master the small quest series or go to the kronen shop and buy the transformation for real money, however, the quest series falls away with the transformation come after with your own screen which you like every other line also have to first level if we go there soon relatively quickly the vampire is a little more time intensive the time invested But it is worthwhile in both lines to grant strong passive and active effects especially the cleanest of the vampire are pretty strong but you have to live with more restrictions so you should start any fire from now on avoid because even a candle could be doom not literally Of course, fire bowls are pretty much like being a vampire if you are at some point you don't want to be a vampire or werewolf anymore you can become a priest visit agri depending on the alliance, he is at a different one place on average alliance is an always ford at march pack in rift and at the alp meridor million it is in 0 k In the Schnitter Markt region, it is also important to know that you have your own collected experience for the vampire and advertising line and also distributed son retains points should you later decide to do one of the two again So you don't have to start from scratch to become as in many other games, there are also horses in these however, they worked a little differently you can design your drives much more individually than in the most of the other failure is at least no longer worth it but first you have to be ready to go into here the crown shop nicole 51 for real money or i visit a stein master and earn there once for gold basically we can do so many buy more as your wallet allows, but only one horse can be bought at a time if you want to be active you had to exchange it with today's steinmeister you can also look up the name of yours here tieres also change standard matching names well in the world of mine horse as for example sweet stuff by default but not enough of that Customization for drives can also be improved every horse has three characteristics: speed, endurance and carrying capacity speed influences the speed of movement euros animals what yes, perseverance also makes sense ensures that we can sprint longer and also reduce the chance of being thrown off during attacks and you show off how many places the animal's inventory has once every 20 hours can you do that train horse to do this you visit a stone master and want the feed option there every weather will cost you 250 gold and in total, each animal should feed 50 times if you put 20 points in one of the properties has also changed the appearance of your animal so if you have an animal something special again points in the speed then it will look faster later and that’s me also at the end of the first part of the ultimate guide to the elder scrolls online i hope that in this video The information conveyed helped me and otherwise you can please write me suggestions for the criticism in the comments but i don't have a problem with the second issue either I then used the combat system in skills to run and run your pug many more until then, thanks for watching and see you next time

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