Fake-Trailer für Spiele – Die 10 größten Marketing-Lügen

morys you know what always annoys me animal what because michael developer the Lie to me before releasing your game then you will have a lot of joy with this video who's right here let's show the ten biggest marketing lies in gaming history and let's go it works with aliens colonial marines yes that is in the run-up to the e3 like the dream of every alien fan here this passage through which one walks then with the explosion and falling on top he took it on the disk splinters atmospheric scene in the finished game you also run through this gang re just looks much uglier until half lit like 15 years ago and yes, the glass splinters are also missing all in all the atmosphere has basically disappeared yes, dynamic light sources are also important for the atmosphere watch this scene from the trailer here you can see it really chic, the shadows wander dynamically you can see it these sparks that spray out of the equipment and illuminate the surroundings nice thing in the finished game a few marines bustle around space probably to cover the fact that the dynamic light is has completely passed and instead this blooming ikea lamp here through the room he filled it is pretty bad we see another scene from the e3 demo of the game on one planet surface there the violet spike wafts in front of the window and up At this table or whatever it is you can see a kind of briefing in the The developers have made the wise decision before the finished game planet landscape a few more bars to nail so that we no longer make sure to see that the thing now looks much uglier and the table too so yes yes yes the same game is monitored and there is still a nice scene the appearance of the crusher that is kind of a post line that here one Intermediate sequence occurs in the game, however, not in the game has one relatively uncool occurs where it is quite clumsy an unknown vehicle from the go away then storm up and we just have to evade and they shoot with their backs so I have that not done in any other game before it seems totally unknown to me but at least he was all the scenes we do now have seen so more or less in the game just different completely different but here this fight between power lodders and the flamethrower, I mean we control that in the finished game from the flamethrower as well just give up and who an atmospheric fight expected against a mighty alien queen who will also be merciless So what that was disappointed is clearly a lie but they developers aren't the only ones who lied to us let's go on namely with command & conquer tiberian sun which is a good example of the fact that developers were already enjoying it over ten years ago lied outrageously that was still relatively easy the games back then were 2d and you could actually put everything in with the graphics program it occurred to her, for example, when she thought have such nice explosions light effects smoke effects that would be something therefore the pictures that were published in the run-up looked really good from just ten times the comparison of this picture in advance This picture was actually published from the game comes the explosions the muzzle flash all somehow not quite as chic as lee westwood promised us in advance, they also have it on demand said again and again don't worry that will be in the finished game also look like this, everything is just not completely installed yet They didn't just say that when asked, they even put it on the pack of the game and a screenshot printed where you can see reflections in the water hello this engine couldn't do that in a pretty bold pack you should think that west motors learned from it but they did undeterred at the next game renegade simply with exactly the same eye wiping more yes that was the shooter for command conquer series after there were pictures in advance, to say the least, a little better looked like the finished game fortunately has very little this time Damage done because westwood had already lost all trust before that and then nobody really bought it anymore continue with the next game, namely with a child and 2 you saw at the e3 2005 when the playstation 3 was presented terrific, beautiful trailer shown where it was said but this is how the game will be really look because our playstation 3 is so incredibly powerful is yes it soon came out that he was only about a margin video was of course not recorded from any game two years later at the e3 2007 the developers had to show a trailer who actually showed game scenes and for the sake of fairness you have to say that still says damn impressive and of course there is thought before we show the playstation 2 graphic here because the render trailer is now yes, and so it came about who then did the developers say Now that everyone is talking about this trailer, it doesn't really make a lot of sense to work even more on the ps2 version have thrown everything out of the window and happily sat down to the ps3 version with some success as one after all must say the finished game was good enough that it did such dirty tricks Actually, it wasn't really necessary, yes, and the same applies to that racing game motorstorm where also at the presentation of the playstation 3 a trailer was shown but that was only a margin video the developers had actually only thought of it as a target edge how you want the game on ps3 but sony just has it times presented as game scenes the developers still had at the time I don't even have any idea what hardware the ps3 would actually be in that means the trailer was actually created at a time when it was still nobody could know whether these scenes would even be possible Understandably, the developers were pretty nice too eroded as a solid stand for real game graphics, by the way motorstorm is not a single example of the console generation leap back then there are several games with, let's say, a little puffed up trailers Metten 06 for the xbox 360 was also presented here for the sake of fairness one must rather say that also on the competition consoles microsoft likes to be tricked a bit, for example in the case from halo 2 they can do that appeared at that time on the first xbox and at the e3 2003 bungie showed this nice trailer which is actually not fake at all, it is only based on an island which could not run on the xbox at all, bungie was totally different adopted an incredibly beautiful graphic framework tinkered with very extensive levels that was just not feasible In the finished version, this state level was also included Bungie had much fewer junctions, significantly more linear overall Some levels cut out up to 80 percent of the planned content because it just couldn't be shown and mainz gives games there you are glad if 80 percent of the content would have fallen out but that's real violently here now the game that in the term target edges finally a swear word namely did operation flashpoint dragon rising yes you have to Developers he at least credit that they were honest they got from at the beginning said that these pictures are completely pimped up and only show how the game should look like when it is finished was no longer developed by bohemia the developers of the original operation flashpoint but from the codemasters studio in england and they had big plans for the game but unfortunately they didn't work out at least graphically then yes also seen on the finished game metal gear solid 2 is not open graphical level deceived the game at the e3 2000 is very impressive for the circumstances from that time and what is in favor of it in the finished game fukushima pulled off a different kind of deception here because that's what he sees on this first trailer for medical sun 2 not at all the hero of the finished game here sneaks and shoots solidly snake the hero of the first part the hero of the second part was talking that was not shown in a single trailer before that you have to First of all, developers credit that they made it To hide the protagonists of your game so completely that there are good reasons the raiders are not really popular among fans of the series because I had a very weepy, as some say, very feminine character in contrast to the very masculine and combative solid snake only when he is in the fourth part at once when cyborg ninja reappeared, the fans could themselves warm up again for talking and now he has with metal gear rising the virgins as soon as get a second game of their own this time one check out belligerent action our next case is not quite like that bad it's about the screenshot of the epic games for anvil 2 published yes because the fans quickly became suspicious and it turned out soon it turned out that the shadows in the picture were the real ones engine was not able to represent the museums at the time but at least it can be said that she was able to get out of the affair quite skillfully because marc rain the vice president of epic has not only moved publicly apologized but later a screenshot publishes a real one from the engine with a shadow between the content Show shadows who looked even better than the original fake so was the honor of the at 0 engine 2 saved for the another two years the flagship should be and from this gentle lie we come now to something that you well I want it to be positive rewrite a very imaginative description can name namely of board on steam yes they lied about pretty much everything a developer cannot tell lies the screenshots alone just much better than the finished game they also showed situations that couldn't have happened like this when the player sits in the car and is besieged by a horde of zombies there are no cars you cannot drive a car in the game and also There were simply things in the steam database or in the game description they are not right there, for example, several cards were promised should be between 100 and 400 square kilometers there is a possibility of a map of 72 square kilometers for one Open and honest apology would perhaps be a sensible one humans say but the developers of the sad weren't really a lie to themselves aware and keep in mind that the players have probably read it wrong would have to and that if you say 100 players you don't necessarily have to It would have to exist that there are really always 100 players.

Century players like that about pi times thumb must say but that The game has sold well despite the controversy until 12 the developers simply being thrown down by steam is brazen, it just doesn't pay off always off here

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