How To Get Traffic To Affiliate Links (Copy My Methods)

hi friends how are you? The main 
problem of affiliate marketers   is how to get traffic to their affiliate 

In this video i will show you how   you can get traffic to your affiliate links.

simple so simply you can get more conversions   and make more money with affiliate marketing and 
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Hi friends 
i'm sorry for the insects noise outside i was   walking between the trees anyway now let's start 
with traffic source number one to get traffic to   your affiliate links number one is emails or email 
marketing and in this video i want to mention   four tactics or four strategies to use 
emails in promoting your affiliate links   number one is what we call the welcome email so 
you can see in my website and whenever someone   sign ups to my newsletter automatically my 
system let's open my email system which is   configured with mautic if you go here to campaigns 
click on subscribe new user and then click on edit launch campaign builder you can see whenever 
someone is subscribed to my newsletter he will   receive at the end of the funnel or the 
welcome email funnel this welcome email   message that i mentioned and talked about in 
detail here in one of my videos let's go here to   component or channels emails and click on the 
welcome email template builder and you can see   here is my welcome email template and you can see 
i'm sharing a lot of links in my welcome template   so you can use this template or this welcome email 
message to share you affiliate products and links   and this is very important why simply because the 
welcome email template has a high or a very high   open rate because the user has just subscribed 
and he will receive your verification email and   the welcome email automatically so there is a high 
chance to open and see the welcome email message   and if you need more details please check my video 
about the welcome email template which i explained   in detail here on my channel you will find the 
video in the description below anyway so this   is the first tactic which is using the welcome 
email in email marketing the second thing if you   go here to my gmail account and click on settings 
here then go to see all settings we have something   called the signature this signature will be 
sent automatically whenever you send an email or   reply to an email so as you can see here i'm also 
sharing some of my links like my website link and   a link to my services so you can also share 
an affiliate product link or maybe a web page   a blog where you are promoting affiliate product 
in the signature so in this way anyone who sends   you an email and you reply to he will see your 
affiliate link and in my case i have like always   like 1,000 emails in my inbox if i just reply 1000 
people will see the affiliate product links if i   have it in my signature so this is tactic number 
two when it comes to emails number three simply   is email marketing on my newsletter which i also 
explained in detail and i showed you how i send my   newsletter and how i can get up to 56% open rate 
so it's very important if you have a website and i   really advise and recommend to have a website if 
you are working in affiliate marketing so you can   collect your email list and send them newsletters 
like weekly or maybe like every couple of days   and inside this newsletter you are promoting 
something or maybe giving some real value   you can share also your affiliate links so 
this is the third tactic in email marketing   number four is cold emails of course i'm not 
talking here about sending bulk cold emails   and spamming people with affiliate links no i 
hate spam more than you so what do i mean by   cold emails let's give two real examples 
here is simrush a company that provides   seo tools and it has an affiliate program if you 
go here down you can see the affiliate program   it's called be rush and i am subscribed to 
and you can see my statistics here so anyway   semrush is an seo tools company that provides 
seo tools to customers so how you can promote   this with emails without spamming simply you 
can build a very targeted email list for people   who want seo tools because in affiliate marketing 
one of the main concepts is choosing the product   i explained this in my affiliate marketing 
videos you can refer to if you want   so we choose the semrush product and then we need 
to promote to a specific people a specific target   which are people interested in this product so 
we send cold outreach emails it's like promoting   a service for you it's like promoting a gig or 
sending a cold email offering your services and   so on it's like a traditional cold email like 
sending maybe 200 300 or 500 emails per day   to specific people and then who replies to you 
you can build a conversation with and in the   conversation while you provide your service you 
can mention the product that will help him or her   to grow their websites and rank their websites 
with seo so you can use cold mailing to build   relation with some people and then you can 
promote these affiliate links to those people   i know this strategy is somehow looks complicated 
but it's really very powerful and there is no   spamming here as an example i remember like a 
couple of months ago i promoted a product for   nine customers only but this product which is 
be rush or semrush is a recurring commission   product you can see in the statistics i have 
only 124 customer but you can see the total   profit somehow high why because semrush the 
affiliate let's go here down to affiliate   program it allows you to get recurring commission 
40% recurring commission so you refer a customer   and every month you will earn from this customer 
without promoting again and again so if you   get like only 10 customers with 40% recurring 
commission like $40 per month it's around $400   without doing anything so it's really powerful 
and it really deserves to try so pick a product   pick an audience and send cold outreach emails 
to convince these customers or people to use   this service and then you will see your recurring 
commissions another example like tubebuddy also   gives recurring commissions so if you want to help 
someone to grow his youtube channel as an example   you can also recommend to use tubebuddy and then 
you can get also recurring commissions from him   and it's like just building a relation or opening 
a relation with someone to promote this product   for him anyway so these are the four main tactics 
that you can use with emails to promote affiliate   links and affiliate products oops sorry for 
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turn on notifications to get every new update   almost every day so let's go back to our work and 
see our next source of traffic to affiliate links   number two is your blog or your website and 
here i will give you mainly three examples   that i do to promote affiliate links here is my 
blog and i mentioned this i think in other videos   you can see i have some blog post about 
maybe setting up some applications and   services and if you open like maybe 
this one or maybe this guide here   let's see this i'm talking here about installing 
an application email marketing application which   is called mailwiz inside this blog post i 
can link you can see this is an affiliate   link this is an affiliate link buy from 
here you open this it will open code canyon   where people can buy this using my affiliate 
link so it's very important if you are working   online to have a website especially in 
affiliate marketing please don't tell   me you are working online and you don't have a 
website please don't tell me that if you don't   have a website go now and create one you can 
do one for free with the blogger if you want   which is a google company go and create your 
website add some content it's very important it's   necessary to have real online business so this 
number one is creating posts about the products   you are promoting like in my case another post 
here how to promote fiverr gigs if you go down   here i think i'm promoting some yes you can see 
i'm also promoting some products in this post   so this is my blog i create content about 
certain products and i promote them if you are   maybe a promoting amazon product you can create 
product reviews inside your blog like the top   five microphones to buy in 2020 the top five maybe 
laptops or whatever and you can link to the amazon   links i don't do this this is why i'm not sharing 
anything like this but i know this works so you   can create any blog post or any article about any 
product and give real value and you can mention   the links in this article you can see here in my 
blog if you go here to the dashboard and let's go   to site stats google site kit analytics on my blog 
here i have like 6,000 users like 10,000 sessions   every month and all this is a free so 
it's organic traffic so it will be like   100% passive income organic free traffic 
with affiliate links and the sales is going   100% automatic so it's 100% passive income you 
can imagine this it's very powerful so please   if you don't have a blog go and create now a blog 
and create articles about the products you are   promoting another example if you go to my website 
here i have a page called resources and tools   if you open this page in this page i'm sharing 
all the tools that i use to promote my business   and to grow my online business and simply like 
80% of these links are affiliate links in this   website i have more than 15,000 views every month 
so let's say only 500 saw this page i can get   five or six clicks and by the way i have here some 
recurring commission services like snovio like   semrush all these are recurring commission 
services that you can promote and get earned   on a monthly basis so this is the second tip 
or trick i do is the resources and tools page   that i applied and published on my website to 
promote affiliate links look i'm sharing with   you everything i'm so honest with you you can 
apply these strategies also on your website   the third strategy is is adding banner ads you 
can see i run also h-supertools and by the way   h-supertools has more than 150,000 views per month 
and i already run google adsense ads i run also i   sell ad spaces and you can also add banner ads 
you can see these banner ads this one this one   those can be also affiliate products to promote 
on your website so you can write articles and link   to your affiliate products add the resources 
page or simply add banner ads in your website   these are three tactics to use to promote 
affiliate inside your website let's move now   to source number three which is youtube youtube 
is one of the best sources if you want to get   traffic to your affiliate products especially 
especially if you are promoting physical products   like amazon and aliexpress products where you 
can create video reviews about cameras about   microphones about laptops about whatever 
and you can link to these products in the   description also another good idea on youtube 
is to share like your instruments if you go   here to my videos in one of my videos i think i 



i did this my setup or something like that   my home online business setup you can see this 
small video in this video i showed my set up   my laptops my microphones what applications i use 
everything and i add these links in my description   so people if they are interested can go and 
buy from amazon or from the affiliate product   link in this way you can create video reviews 
or maybe educational videos like in my case   also i promote some products here on 
my channel like how to install mailwiz also i have a video tutorial about this and inside 
the description i link to the mailwiz link or the   affiliate link to mailiz so people can buy the 
products from my affiliate link if you can see   here let's go to youtube and i will search for 
mailwiz this is what i remember i have multiple   videos but now this is stuck in my head you can 
see my video is ranking on top of youtube so it's   also like 100% passive income my video is on top 
of youtube i get thousands of views without doing   anything people are buying my products so 100% 
passive income and I explain this in detail in   my affiliate marketing video you can check in the 
description below so if you open this video now   explain how to set up mailwiz if 
you go down to the description   you will see here buy mailwiz i think this is the 
link this is my affiliate link and i'm using here   a short url to track this link and this is also 
very important i explained also here on my channel   the importance of url tracking and tracking your 
links and i use my service which is link.

me this   service that i published and i bought from 
code canyon i explained also how you can   build a business from this service you can check 
also all these videos in the description below   so this is the third source of traffic which is 
youtube and i think it's very powerful and it's   one of the top sources for affiliate products 
when it comes to affiliate marketing so please   if you don't have a channel i also recommend you 
to go and create a channel especially especially   if you are promoting products like in amazon or if 
you are promoting services like semrush or maybe   click funnels or tubebuddy where you can create 
educational videos and share the affiliate links   the last source of traffic to your affiliate links 
in this video of course we have a lot of other   traffic sources i will mention later on in 
other videos but the video is somehow long   and i want to end it now with the last one which 
is quora quora is a a&q website where people   ask and answer questions and i talk about this a 
lot here on my channel quora is very important if   you go here to my stats go into stats you can say 
i have 70,000 views the last 30 days you go last   seven days i have 27,000 views on my answers so 
quora is very important if you want to grow online   and get traffic to your affiliate products or 
whatever product you want to promote you can use   quora to do this by the way i have a daily routine 
on quora it's like always i sit down for 10   minutes 20 minutes answering questions and giving 
value and you can see the results by yourself i   have like two thousand four thousand five thousand 
eight thousand views per day and if you open any   of these answers let's say this one you will see 
i have some links to my products and services   so it's so simple to promote your website or 
your web page or your products using quora by   answering people's questions i really recommend 
to go to quora now if you haven't used it before   and by the way in the description below you will 
find several videos about quora the best practices   and how to grow on quora and how to get the same 
results on quora following my best practices on   using this awesome website and by the way if 
you go here to similar web you can see quora   ranks 71 in the U.

S with more than 500 million 
views per month so it's really a great place   to get traffic especially if you are selling 
products affiliate or your own products so this   five sources to get traffic to your affiliate 
links later on we'll talk about more sources   maybe some paid sources like native ads and much 
much more so don't forget please subscribe now   to my channel and turn on notifications 
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