How To Make More Money With Affiliate Marketing – 10 Tips

hey how's it goin Sean kennel here and I'm excited because in this video I'm gonna be sharing with you a recent keynote that I did breaking down 10 of my pro affiliate marketing strategies that are responsible for generating over $100,000 a year and I know that when people kind of flex numbers and stuff it can seem kind of high P but I'm really passionate because there's so many fake gurus online right now without real results and so I just pulled up one of our affiliate programs and in 2018 we generated over a hundred and eighty one thousand nine hundred and sixteen dollars just from one of those programs we're actually a part of about 20 different affiliate programs now so if you're interested in learning these tips and strategies get something that takes notes with and get ready for this session because I know it's gonna add a lot of value to your life let's jump in [Music] but I'm so excited about this session because how many of you would love to not have to sell your own product but to be able to get started really fast really easy and be able to make a lot of money doing that without having to create anything would you want that awesome it's called affiliate marketing and that's what we're gonna be talking about today and it's actually the way I got started because it's the fastest way in shortest what path to starting to make some income online even if you're starting from scratch and specifically we're gonna break down how to earn a hundred thousand plus a year with affiliate marketing but this is relevant to everybody in this room look at the person next to you and say is relevant to you boo all of us can do affiliate marketing and it's super relevant for our businesses no matter where we're starting so let's dive into it but hey my passion is helping people build their influence with online video you heard I wrote a book called YouTube secrets and in this session we're actually gonna be covering how to get started with affiliate marketing some pro strategies for earning a hundred K a year the biggest mistake I see people making or a few mistakes with affiliate marketing as well as a lot more I'm coming to you from Las Vegas and I drove over here and I live in Las Vegas with my beautiful wife Sonya and our two chihuahuas Sophie and Rosie and we have been married for 13 years yeah yeah thanks I I guess one of those things and I might look young and I am and we got married when we were 15 arranged marriages it's a that's not true we got married at 21 and I actually met her at Starbucks and that was kind of when my coffee addiction began you know cuz I just started going in like multiple times a day you're back and I'm like jittering she's like I just looking for more coffee you know and a true story like when I went in I saw her I started trying to find out what she likes I started trying to kind of get her attention I'm doing you know research and I found out that she was in the running and I wasn't into any athletics at the time but once I got this information I started getting some ideas kind of like you're getting ideas at Mi a any single people in the room come on wait you're allowed upfront wave your hand hi because I might be able to make some connections Hey look around tonight tomorrow at the dance okay but uh so I started getting some ideas you know and and and I was like what if I got some running clothes just kind of threw them on you know tattered them up a little bit you know and then I just kind of walked in one day it has its game in it and just came with a count yeah I'll just get some coffee and she goes oh wait you're into running clearly she goes maybe we should go running together sometime and really the rest is history that was our first date and like I couldn't run very long either during that first date either we're just talking for a while and then walked but anyways my beautiful wife Sonya and you know we mentioned a bunch of stats and all this different stuff but you know that one of the the main traffic source for me has been using online video specifically YouTube but I want to encourage you you know start before you're ready because there's all of this I'm up here on stage now and I've got a level of confidence I've been putting these videos out that there's the stats of millions of views is really staggering to me I'm a small town kid from a city called Arlington Washington an hour north of Seattle and so to be hitting like numbers and all that stuff seems absolutely crazy but you all we all have to start somewhere right you have to start before you're ready so I thought just to kind of set the atmosphere can I play one of my early YouTube videos for you is that okay I want to play this video so you see this is the first video I uploaded on my Sean I just can't old channel and let's just see what it's like right so this is I guess the first Sean thinks vlog and I'm gonna try to vlog every single day mainly so I can remember what I'm even doing and what's going on because I just feel like I have a lot and I'm thinking about and I figured hey why not share it and if you find something interesting that's awesome now this is definitely as real as it gets so I'm not going to try to be energetic or entertaining though maybe sometimes I will but anyways come on yeah I tell you what man you got to start before you're ready and we like to say you got a punch fear in the face punch perfectionism in the face and press record and I'm so thankful that I did because since that time we've just been able to see massive impact now we've got a team of about 10 people in Las Vegas and we're running a media company our main channels called think media and so we do a lot of content they're also running a channel with the co-founder my friend Benji called video influencers and two channels to check out online Forbes listed us came out with the book YouTube secrets you heard about that but I'll never forget 2009 though like in the journey of where I am today it's a year that was absolutely insane and I look back and I really get emotional because we hit the hardest season of our lives for my wife and I and at the time we were living in Seattle and things just began to hit us from every side the first thing that happened was my wife went on a trip and she got very ill and we didn't know what was happening and so we were visiting doctors and and and she was being mixed diagnosed and losing all of this weight and eventually dropped down to 82 pounds and she almost died and I actually found myself in the hospital room by her side for six days just praying and was wondering what our future held and just being challenged like what is what are we gonna do and where we gonna go and if that wasn't enough it was also right during during the housing crisis and and here in America you probably remember 2007 89 and just the market crashing and we had we were both working jobs and we bought a house we had a rental property and and though if this things started to fall apart so our finances are just getting devastated and my background getting into video in the first place was actually working at a church and I was doing video production there and then some things started to follow up on some people stole some money so the church started to fall apart and you would trusted leadership and and so like as if everything could fall around fall apart around us it was all happening at once so we were just getting crushed from every side we're losing money we're losing jobs and it puts you into a situation we were thinking why like why god is this happening what are we gonna do but you're also thinking what like what what am I gonna do next and I felt challenged as a leader as a man to really step up and I started to look for answers and look for solutions at a major level and I think that I learned two big lessons during this that maybe applies to you because right now you could be just killing it and your business things are going great but maybe you're in a situation where whether it's business or family or life or health where you actually can relate at a major level maybe you're experiencing some major pain and just some some intense a season like this and two lessons I learned from really going through hell was number one I love this quote if you're going through hell keep going like don't stop like that's not the time to pitch a tent and just start camping right you got to keep moving and that was really the first lesson was keep moving forward keep progressing keep keep just advancing doing whatever you can to put one step one foot in front of the other but the second lesson was you got to keep learning and I love that you're here because there is a way out of whatever situation you have that you're in right now there is a solution to the problem if someone on planet Earth found a way to get over that chronic illness or that situation with children or with maybe some learning disability or severe someone got through that obstacle you're facing in your business which the human race is amazing for overcoming obstacles than you can – then you can – especially if you keep learning and I learned that every obstacle can actually become an opportunity because it was during that season that I discovered two things that changed my life the first one was the power of YouTube but for today's conversation I want us to just think of it as traffic and when I say traffic I just mean views like a way to get attention to your content Rachel this crushed it talking about Facebook that's a way to get traffic look at your neighbor and say traffic yeah traffic so YouTube for me was the way I started to figure out how to actually get like views get awareness get things going on but the second was affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing changed my life and once I started to figure it out what we're gonna dive into today I started to discover some incredibly powerful things so here's a case study it's the older video he could see it's like six years old so I started to do these weird experiments and this video was called gift ideas for him so I just sat down on my couch and I just went around the house because I figure out what affiliate marketing was gathered up some things I owned I figure I'm a him and I like stuff let me talk about some gift ideas for a him in your life you know what I mean and so I put the video out and then in the description of that YouTube video there's links and that link is an affiliate link and then also here in the scene you can see on the screen Apple head Chihuahua named Rosie no point there I just really love her I thought she deserved a blue arrow she might help you drive more sales though dogs and kids right but anyways so we put that in that link in the description and I'll never forget this this is that back in 2010 my first affiliate payment ever I started dabbling in this you're not gonna believe it and I put some content out there and how it's like man this is a magic pill oh man this thing works and sure enough I made two dollars and 12 cents they get everybody have a good night so so like but but I love this because it really is tells us this lesson of don't despise small beginnings and once you've made that first dollar online your next question is then cool how do i scale that like if I can make a dollar then I just need to figure out how to do that more and more and more and repeat the process and refine the process and I can make a bigger impact and so I just grabbed a screenshot of our amazon associates account so this is the Amazon affiliate program January 2019 we did sixteen thousand three hundred and seventy four dollars so when we add that up from around Amazon we're gonna do around two hundred thousand dollars in profit this year it's pretty cool there's another affiliate program this is a few years worth but it's generated around forty three thousand three hundred and forty-one dollars in a matter of years through not owning a product myself for just being really a middleman just standing in between the conversation of someone that's looking for a solution and me introducing that solution to them super cool this is another affiliate program put a few videos out there it's generating $15 a day through passive income on autopilot and so really quick who here you actually are unsure what affiliate marketing is and raise your hand as high as you can don't lie you're nothing to be embarrassed about okay if we're really quick I want to make sure this is good so a few people in the know me the first time you're hearing about this here's what affiliate marketing is it's basically when you review or recommend a product online and you earn a commission when someone purchases it here's my definition it's a cool way to make money sharing the products you love and that you actually use so here's how it works if you go to Amazon's affiliate sites called Amazon Associates you can just tap that type that in Google you can then sign up and so you can even select different countries and whatnot to be a part of different programs we would typically probably sign up here for the US Amazon affiliate program so you select that you sign up and then once you do it you sign up and this will be true for any affiliate program you just find the website sign up then what it gives you the ability to do is create trackable links those links are now your personalized links so whether it's on a blog or in the show notes of your podcast or in a description of a youtube video then you can now put that link there so if someone goes through it that's how that brand like Amazon knows how to attribute any sales that happen to you so in a youtube sense I would put that link in my youtube description you could again use it on a blog anywhere else that you want some visitors will end up clicking that link and then if they make a purchase you make money super cool right so that's how affiliate marketing works and so today I just want to talk about ten affiliate marketing Pro tips and we'll weave through out here whether you're just getting started you'll get a lot out of this but even if you're more advanced in this room there's definitely gonna be some nuggets that I think you'll love so tip number one is simply share products you're passionate about share products you're passionate about for me I started video production back in 2003 because I was volunteering at my local church and I started to get into cameras and gear and I started to find out that I was passionate about it but I started to love tech and so I put videos out helping people with cameras I started you know around 2010 doing this and this is an old older video actually the screenshot super old now but like I just sorted talking about cameras but this video was 2 million views and so as people watched it then they would click the link in the description to buy cameras and that's how we scale to some of this income something I was just passionate about it just came organically from my world my friend Nikki Phillippi she's also a youtuber social-media influencer and so she makes videos like cozy winter night pamper routine I'm gonna do my pamper routine next month but I need to catch up too and so she does that video and so she goes through and to her tribe to her community she's adding value she's adding some entertainment but she talks about a few different products in that video right and so then in the description of her youtube video there's a list of my bathtub her actual bathtub and that is her bathtub like you could buy the whole bathtub twinkle lights the candles the epson salt a hydro flask tan luxe face cheese skin infusion hmm like you know a lot of cool stuff and so this is an example of just stuff you love stuff you you stuff you could educate your tribe about cool stuff you want to pass along how many you guys recognize this guy what a savage you know should you eat kale no I was kidding I like you sort it and and ironically but but I was asking that Brett was telling me about just one affiliate program that he's a part of and it's called butcher box right and so I'm sorry vegans and if so I did so he put this out and and oh the over there generating six figures a year just from butcher box and there's a couple of distinctions about affiliate programs like this that are powerful is some – some of them have continuity so someone signs up one time to a subscription every single month that that subscription renews for that individual you're earning a percentage on that sale so it's super cool because you do it once but then that becomes stacking passive income and the way he was driving traffic is through emails did you already have an email list maybe it sent out a value email teach some stuff a few lame and also just calls to action on Instagram and stories in the feed and in stories as well and so whenever you're looking for an affiliate program you could look for this the way you search you could write this down here's the formula type in brand name you're interested in + affiliate program or Ambassador Program or partner program or referral program you've got to get the idea but if you type in like the brand name and that word like affiliates that's what I did I just typed in butcher box affiliate and I brought me to this page and then it actually shows me that it's a part of an affiliate network now we kind of get into some tactics but what you would do is you try to sign up for a share a sale or an affiliate network like flex offers and what they are is they're like a network once you get approved that then there's multiple brands underneath it so if you wanted to sign up for butcher box you go to share a sale get your account set up and then look and here it says you'll get a commission ten to twenty dollars per subscription and it also says a cookie didn't mean that to be a joke it's actually it's a Mattel's you the cookie duration this is like information you need to know what a cookie is it's kind of when Rachel was like make sure you have your pixel installed and half the room was like what is the pixel what is going on at marketing impact Academies words I am hungry I would like a cookie it's – come on okay and so the cookie is simply a tracking cookie is what it means but it says 30 days so check it out if someone clicks your link one time then for 30 days if they make a purchase on butcher box it'll remember that you sent them there and you'll get the Commission amazon's cookie is 24 hours which is not too bad because they sell so much different stuff you get credit even if they buy stuff you didn't recommend and so different cookie lengths that's a little affiliate marketing information and let's keep going so that's tip number one share stuff your your passion about share stuff that you love tip number two brand alignment brand alignment I love what chalene has been sharing all day about figuring out your brand like figuring out your message what Rachel there's the QA like like you can't be about everything but when you stay in brand alignment it makes sense to recommend products that are adjacent to maybe your core offer and there's so many for you like again you you if you're talking about fitness and actual workout stuff you know me this guy you could clearly you can see I've been working out right come on coach Jimmy I need some help on these guns here I run too much these things get thinner every day okay brand alignment brand alignment so for instance on my channel I talked about cameras that's obvious I talked about computers it's the tools for creators like what's the kind of gear you need to create video content great photos and so in this example on screen I review a computer I talk about it I talk about a camera I talk about a tripod but then even over here I talk about a standing desk because we're number one it's electronic but number two the promise of my channel think media my tagline is the best tips and tools for helping you build your influence with online video and so the promise is I'm gonna give you the strategies to learn video and make money online and I'm also going to give you the tools and so we talked about it ties into my channel maybe not the best but I want to make sure things are aligned so it's like yeah it's keep your energy high you if you sit all day editing or working on your business standing desks whatever it is but brand alignment now gives you the opportunity to tie in affiliate offers that could be additional income revenue streams for you and your channel so on my Sean candle channel just my personal brand I did a video best self-improvement books and great video obviously the links are affiliate links in the description below but this doesn't go on my think media channel because that would definitely be off-brand like that would be operon so I think it's important that you might see some ways to make money with affiliate marketing but you may or may not you want to make sure it's on brand this is Heather and she's actually part of the think media team she's our chief operation officer but she's also got a great YouTube channel for homeschool moms and people researching homeschool and so normally she's given a lot of advice a lot of encouragement but she can turn on an affiliate stream of income by recommending some books like three books for home school moms and every month she's now getting like $150 Amazon gift cards on a little side project of her YouTube channel of passive income coming in for her and her family super super cool tip number three is bolt-on passive income look at your neighbor and say bolt-on super weird like what does that even mean okay here's what I mean by Bolton is a good example I just bought my wife Sonia a Jeep there you and and so it was it was one of it was like a dream car and we were just recently able to take it up into the snow and and when I think about a jeep at first I wasn't even one of those Jeep guys I thought jeeps to stay at stood for just empty every pocket I was raised I don't know why I heard that but and I wasn't that into it but once she she she's like no I really want this Jeep jeeps are awesome so we took it out we're like driving in the snow she's like you want to drive I'm like okay cool and then I started like whipping you know just around we're just driving over stuff you know super fun and so we got this Jeep but when you have a jeep or any kind of car when I think of bolt on you can bolt on a lot of cool things to the Jeep so now I'm getting pumped I'm like okay we're getting a winch we're gonna get one of those dope red you know car guy here look how masculine I am one of those ready thing flippy things in the car awesome and so but we need to get like a winch get some fog lights get you know this the red thing and and these are things you can bolt on to your your Jeep which can already get you from point A to point B what's exciting about affiliate marketing is there's a lot of ways to bolt on additional income streams you already have a core business but there's other things that you could do and so ask yourself what affiliate marketing offers can you add to your current business so going back to my friend Nikki Phillippi she actually does Young Living and and does is selling essential oils and has her network marketing business going but then she also has though affiliate marketing links as well so I hope that whatever it is you're doing you're doing both because in that video she's doing her essential oils unboxing she's talking about some things but in the description of that same content she's also recommending whether that's the diffuser other things she would recommend you can bolt on additional income streams even if it's not your core business and a lot of times they can be very passive you've seen chalene do this she's got she leans favorite things on her website here's the to-do list or an action item write down that you should put on your website or whatever you live online like a list of just the things you use in your business like it's really smart too because once you've built your business you could put a page up and you could say I use kajabi the horse might host my courses that's a referral link you could say I'm using get response or Aweber or something for email that could be your affiliate link you might say my favorite camera happens to be the Canon a DD that's an affiliate link on your favorite things list and so she's got the slide board right up top and then you can you click that link it takes you over to Amazon and that's her affiliate link once it's built once it's sitting there it's just a bolt-on income stream and then someday when you want to just send a tweet you might be you know what am I gonna do to my business hey if you guys are ever curious about what my favorite things are tweet but the page is already done like if you in an email in a PS you could just say and by the way or whatever it is or let's say you're doing a launch and you offer some things and people who don't buy with you or they don't buy your digital product that you put out there you can follow up and say here's a bunch of other cool stuff that I just want to add as free value but those are your affiliate links right super cool another thing that's cool right now is Amazon is expanded into the influencer program and so you can apply to get your custom page on Amazon so you could screenshot that link if you want IREC I highly recommend this because there's a lot of authority to it even if you don't get approved for this now because there is a little bit of an application process they just want to see that you have some influence but definitely something to aspire to and once you get signed up for that you could create a custom page like I'm living on amazon.

com you can see some of my tech recommendations and you can also see that I did update my cover image and this morning as I was listening to chalene and feeling super guilty and overwhelmed by everything I have it done in my business and then as I was going through these slides I just wanted to give up is that okay can I be real alright so but I share that though because even me I'm like oh man there's stuff I gotta fix stuff I got to do remember we've got to pace ourselves so this is really cool and so originally this was not a very good page meaning the program but now you can make categories so they kind of give you a dynamic website that you can create through the influencer program so again in an instant now you can just send people right to your affiliate page where you can generate additional revenue in your business super super cool number four hey I hope you're getting value out of this video so far and if you are can you smash the like button all right let's get right back into it number four timing is everything timing is everything we're talking about 10 different pro tips for making more money in your business or starting to make money with affiliate marketing this gift ideas video that I mentioned is actually super relevant imagine though what time of year do you think this would be the most relevant naturally right and so what's cool here is that this video is really old but if you look at the traffic on it on YouTube every year there is like this spike in viewership right around that particular time of year this also lends itself to saying that is when you should put out you should put out strategic content at strategic times so you might show up for your audience just to say hey it's it's it's summer here's a few recommendations for summer right that's timing it's around the holidays here's some gift ideas for people in your life whatever that is so every year around Black Friday especially in Cyber Monday as a tech guy I always do like the best Black Friday deals the best cyber monday deals because of the timing around that gift ideas theme Omar who is on the think media team did a video on his channel called gift ideas for photographers just something that could serve his tribe he knows who he's serving as this world-class photographer and then you could see his video there with his gift idea so now he's just got some passive come and a key term here regarding timing is tentpoles industry term tentpoles what is a tentpole well a tentpole is a something like this on Google Trends which is a great website you could go to Google Trends type in a term like Black Friday or type in a term maybe even like a conference that you go to that maybe gets a lot of traffic depending on the company you're a part of or your team or whatever it is it could be anything and it'll then show you when interest in that particular term spikes and that's why it's called a 10th if you look at it it's you could you could live under there cuz it's you you just set your tent up you go camping oh wow it's amazing but that's why it's called a temple and so then you can see it kind of goes up then it spikes up and you'd want to catch it not too early but you want to catch it right at the beginning of that rise so what I actually learned about Black Friday is that November 12th through the 18th is when a massive rise in search in popularity starts so us shoppers spent five billion dollars browse back in 2017 and so when I position my content at a strategic time right and you put it out right at that smart time you have the best chance of just getting sucked up into the psychology of what everybody's looking for right and and so that would be a tentpole and that's all related to timing for your and there's a little uptick if so if you see there right now I wouldn't do it before that little ramp but I want my video to basically come out on November 12th and then I want that to ride all the way through that particular holiday in this case and so ask yourself like what are the tent poles in your industry this could be things like summer new years new year new you boo we're back it could be like a time to rest like maybe there's a time when you actually realize for your audience you the conversation you need to be having is more like it's time to take some type off here's some vacation ideas here's some pampering ideas for you like write it take some time to write this down what holidays are super relevant to your business and brand or what events like even around car princes we cover event called CES every year Consumer Electronics Show and there might be a conference that you could even get kind of some traffic off of or some awareness off of how to survive or whatever it is these are tent poles there's things that will trend in in their popularity and then they drop but they potentially do it year after year after year after year could be the Superbowl whatever it is tie your content and your strategies into those things so you can get more views awareness and traffic and so a power tip is calendar block the planning and preparation time for your strategic promotions right and that's that's maybe obvious but like look ahead so you have the time to block on your calendar okay this would be a great time to just make sure I get this video shot or this blog post written or this podcast recorded so that I can release it at that opportune time to capitalize on that trend and that timing tip number five maximize trends maximize trends so as marketers you're in the job of spartax spotting trends especially for your industry you want to keep your your thumb on the pulse you want to be paying attention to the trends in your industry and so this is even my industry but I'm just kind of a trends guy and on my personal channel I do a lot of experiments so these are laser Christmas lights they're LED laser Christmas lights that you plug into your yard and they shoot little dots of light onto your house or they shoot these Christmas trees onto your house and if we're honest they look horrible right I mean these things they're like like there is no self-respecting male who's leading his family well would use these I use these though actually like these are and I'll tell you why because I get it I and some guys in the room they're like no I am Clark Griswold I am National Lampoon's Christmas I will have the best house in the neighborhood I'll be up on the roof doosh doosh I'm gonna do the lights I'm gonna blow breakers not me friend these may be ugly but I'll tell you how long they take to set up five minutes is me trying to find the extension cord in my garage it would only be 20 seconds I just don't know where the extension cord is that's the first five minutes the second five minutes is then going out into my rocky front yard in Vegas who's gonna have grass we have astroturf in our backyard and like banging this thing into the ground and plenty of the house plugging it in and then it's fun so it's about a ten-minute project to get my Christmas lights done are we proud of them no there's my wife respect me no but what you'll learn here is that I was that you need to spot and look for trends and so as I started seeing these lights coming out this is when it hit me it was when I walked into my local grocery store it's called a Smith's and I walked in and I'm just there for the usual kale and avocado and and whatever and and I'm going through and I saw a full display of these for sale in a grocery store and I was like man these things are these things are here now like just like me all the lazy people and all the you know the these are gonna be hot so then I just went home and I did some keyword research I was like okay who online like is there anybody looking for laser Christmas LED lights and sure enough there was like thousands of searches a month you can use like Google Google Keyword planner for that in fact let me give you a tool write this down key words everywhere com oh my gosh I love this thing's totally free keywords everywhere com install it into your browser it's gonna tell you the search volume just right on the page on Google on Amazon it'll like when you start typing the Amazon it will tell you how much search on YouTube it just gives you the number nice and easy so I go home and I discover okay these are a hot trend and so what I did was I put a video in front of them best Christmas laser lights and I just talked about these things and in that first year I generated four thousand dollars in profits from just the lights themselves now what's crazy is that every single year after I'm still the dominant voice because no other male is willing to step out there no shame in my game bro and now my wife respects me because I bought her a jeep let's go right and so but no here's what's crazy is remember I was talking about cookies like when you put out content around the holidays when someone's shopping for this they click your link it tracks for 24 hours well you know what people are doing they're not just looking for lights they're buying Christmas gifts or buying stuff for other people so I've learned that the profit we make about 50% of the stuff we sell as stuff I've never even recommended or talked about I remember the golden coin I sold once I woke up in the morning I sold a $1,500 gold coin Hey I didn't know Amazon sold gold coins B I didn't know Amazon sold gold coins but see I made 187 dollar Commission while I was asleep because someone just clicked that link and made another purchase so the strategic time we're talking about trends this was a trending item I saw the trend I put some content in front of it and then absolutely crushed it with sales and then year after year it continues to generate and sell even other stuff so a super cool thing what are the trends in your industry that you can maximize it's number six higher ticket higher commissions higher ticket higher commissions so maybe you do beauty and lifestyle or or makeup and maybe it's even like if it was like drugstore makeup it's more affordable and there's a lot of youtubers that do stuff like that even if you do high-volume you might not be able to make that much money because you're selling like a seven dollar lipstick and you're making like four percent so it's only a matter of cents now if you do scale you can do it but this is why if the price of the item is higher you could potentially do higher make a lot more revenue so ask yourself what is the affiliate marketing commission percentage Amazon's four to ten percent there's a lot of programs that will do 20% 30% sometimes you get 50 you can even get like 80% like it's the berries and then also ask how much does the product cost because for doing affiliate marketing at scale if you're selling more expensive stuff that's how you can make higher revenues so this is Timothy he's a part of some of our advanced training and so he's talking about drones this is the DJ I affiliate program not even Amazon and this is really old screenshot but fifteen thousand five hundred and sixty-two dollars from the DJI affiliate program by putting out some content out there but these drones cost like a thousand dollars each at least and so even at ten percent it's a hundred dollar commission if you make a sale right so higher ticket higher commissions sometimes I'll do things and I'll bring up this case study later but a lot of times in the health industry this is some green juice that I like to drink it's called organifi like the commission on that is 30% and it's also continuity of someone to subscribes to it every month whereas on Amazon I'm only getting four to ten percent higher percentage higher commissions a friend of mine Pat Flynn who's spoken here who knows Pat Flynn amazing guy smart passive income so he's doing a lot of things in his business affiliate marketing is just one like bolt-on part of his business he's got events and he's got courses but he's a big promoter of convertkit and he's generated thousands of dollars a month on really reoccurring because of helping people with not just continuity when they subscribe to it but it's a little bit higher ticket because people are subscribing to a software-as-a-service in that particular case number seven this is if this is relevant if you've got a blog it's relevant on youtube it's relevant anywhere it's Pinterest as well it's where there's search where there could be SEO search engine optimization tip number seven is solved searched problems solve search problems do you drink coffee any coffee lovers in the room there's no way it's only like ten people everybody else was like I do there like I do but I haven't had any enough recently so I can't read I can't react oh you can test buddy and so this is just an example again back on those experiments and I'm sharing these because remember I want you to stay on brand but these are these are just cool ways and things I've done in my life in my business so as I've gone through life I'm always paying attention I learned about this affiliate marketing stuff I learned that YouTube was a search engine and I was like going through life that one day somebody gifted me a Starbucks Reese Moe and his cool machine kind of makes coffee and espresso for you but you have to buy coffee pods for it from Starbucks and they're a premium priced so one day I was over at my friend Rachel's house and she had the exact same machine as me she pulled out this drawer and she had this variety of coffee from somewhere else that just fit perfectly in that machine it was from Coffee Bean Tea Leaf I was like what is this mysterious coffee or introducing me to and she's like Jess see BTL pods very affordable more variety of coffee and yes they fit perfectly in this Starbucks machine and they work so I thought hmm I drink I drank my coffee and ideas began to flow I went home and sure enough people were looking Ducey BTL pods working at Starbucks verissimo so just like the Christmas lights I was like well I will answer that question on the internet so I just shot a video and I in the very video I was like hey maybe you're wondering do these pods work yes and there's links in the description below to them the video is more helpful than that but you know we tasted some of whatever but sure enough there's there's affiliate link in the description so I talked about I answer the question I solve a problem I introduce somebody to an answer they're looking for information and then there's a link in the description so now literally I so coffee every single day if not every single week and that's another chance for someone to click the link for it to be tracked for anything else they buy are you seeing how cool this is cool and so power question and and key here add value be helpful I mean I sell it to make goal in this like if you just meet somebody and you solve a question and then you're like it's way more about the value and way less about selling I know none of us want to sell or like selling and that's not what it's about it's about adding value and being helpful and so I just do that in the video so that's some question power question what are the problems and questions your target audience is currently trying to solve make videos around those blog posts around those podcasts around that with some show notes and and then connect that to affiliate marketing income streams alright tip number eight more content more money mo money mo prompts I mean whatever and so and so what I began to do once I figured out something that was working and I did that gift ideas video years ago I got a little weird on it and I just started making all kinds of gift ideas videos before I what I did today but then I was like alright gift ideas for Mother's Day Valentine's Day men versus him there's my wife's gift ideas for women you know now I'm like honey shoot a video and Christmas gift ideas tech gift idea gift ideas for creative people I started like digging deep getting weird with it but what I learned right it's just that again once you start seeing all you got to do is make $1.

00 online you go oh I could do more of this I could repeat this process I could I could dial it in and of course I'm getting better on camera as I go out I'm still learning I'm you know I'm still growing and so more content more money and a power question here is how can you increase the quality but also the quantity of your content and I love this in the context of m.


a because I've been reflecting with you as I've been taking notes and sitting here and learning about how to how to simplify and and we need to be doing less and I think this can align with that what I'm just saying is how can you there's not that you necessarily have to work harder but how can you work smarter to just level up the quality of your content and potentially the quantity one of my favorite things is called batch production where whenever I whenever I shoot a video I never shoot one I like to shoot two to four to eight all in one sitting and then if you only release one a week but to shoot for videos when you turn the camera on now you've got a months worth of content all shot at once and so how can you increase the quality and the quantity of your content tip number nine is audience intense audience intent in the context of YouTube I would and this is that keywords everywhere to all I so that's how cool it is it'll show you right there when you just type in like a search the search volume per month so I typed in best vegan in the youtube search bar the first recommendation there is best vegan protein powder 18,000 people a month are asking that question across the internet that's Google that's a Google number but it's relevant across the different places and so what is the intent of the person that of the 18,000 100 people every single month that is looking for that thing they want some protein powder like psycho psychologically they are like sitting down and being like what is the best protein powder I have a feeling they have their credit card ready they're looking for an answer and they want to buy some protein powder the goal would probably be by the end of the day to discover the best vegan protein powder and make a purchase right so audience intent this is very important for generating income online because now you're standing in front of someone who's basically ready to buy right vs.

on first glance funny cat now the first recommendation here funny cat videos has 165 thousand searches a month well of course on a surface level that's that's much more it's so many more than the people looking for vegan protein powder but what is their intent they're not in a buying mode they're not looking they don't have their credit card out they're in an entertainment mode they're they're looking for entertainment which is what you'd want to deliver you'd want to deliver a funny cat video any so you go and like Rachel's funny cat page even though she doesn't own any cats and but you have that funny cat video there and but it's the wrong intent so it'd be hard to monetize off of that well that's cool when you put out content right in front of someone who's like basically ready to buy ready to make a purchase and so I've always thought about this I think somebody someday maybe this exists should start a luxury watch YouTube channel because if you type in it's crazy you can type in Breitling NAV timer versus Omega Speedmaster 70 people a month search for that but what are those 70 people probably about to do they're trying to decide between those two watches and even if you link to those on Amazon those suckers cost like three four or five thousand dollars each and so your commission on that is going to be multiple hundreds of dollars and you throw some content out into the world and just people are getting good education from because you know what you're talking about in this arena or whatever it is and and then BOOM you're in front of the right audience intent are you getting value out of this so far so ask yourself what is the intent of the viewer what is the intent of the person that's coming to me looking for help looking for whatever it is and then position your content to serve to add value to help and then you can monetize that a huge level through affiliate marketing all right we're gonna get to point number ten in just a second but I wanted to pass the question off to you and ask have you generated your first sale with affiliate marketing yet also do you have any questions about affiliate marketing I'd love to help so let me know in the youtube comments below now when it comes to affiliate marketing all these strategies are real and these are the very strategies that I'm using even this year but there's one big missing piece for making affiliate marketing work and that is if you're not getting traffic yet like if you're not getting views if you don't have like that you know momentum on your channel so if you ultimately want to learn like how to get more views on your videos I put together a free checklist you can go to tube checklist com I'll link to that in the description below and that goes through things like titling your videos how to like structure your video content I actually put together a free video series as well so the secret kind of to making all this work was generating massive influence and massive views on YouTube if you want to learn how to do that check out tube checklist com and let's check out point number 10 right now now tip number 10 is increased traffic increase traffic remember traffic means views how many page views you're getting how many views your videos are getting a month how much traffic you're you to your Facebook page is getting whatever it is and so one of the biggest problems once you have some of these pieces in place you might get your favorite things site in place I hope you do on your website where you just list off the stuff you're using your favorite stuff once you have this stuff in place then your goal is just okay how can I send more traffic here right and so here's my favorite strategy and just as one example but ask for yourself how can I just get more traffic on whatever your favorite platform so YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world Google is the first and Google owns YouTube so people go to YouTube looking for answers right so you remember this channel it's where I talk about lifestyle stuff and so I mentioned that protein powder or greens powder I should say so it's green juice but it's empowered form you mix it with water so in my research I found this term best greens powder like best greens about people were looking for this thousands a month in fact and so I created a video around it this is called ranking videos and so you're ranking a video in search you're figuring out what someone's looking for like what their intent is where their search volume and then you're designing a piece of content to answer that inquiry so I made a video best greens powder question mark organic green juice review and here's what's cool about doing this is this one video now is over a thousand days old but it's generated 574 new subscribers I only made it once over a thousand days ago but it just continues to grow you could see that blue line of growth it's got over a hundred and six thousand views and that blue line means it just keeps getting views what I love about YouTube is it's kind of like real estate like if you put out good content it can grow in value over time and people keep watching it over time even though you just did it once this video gets 386 views every two days that crazy and so this is my favorites this is a YouTube strategy but basically putting your content in front of these terms so here's this case study it's over a thousand days old it's building my following on pilot when your content is on brand and people are looking they don't know about you yet but they know they want to find some vegan protein powder then two things happen at once they don't know you but they're typing that end they find you they hear your promise in your tagline that you're designing here at Mi a and they go oh cool I'm not only looking for this I'm also going to subscribe to you not everybody but here's the case study it's building my brand building more followers it's generated over $1000 from YouTube ads I do have YouTube ads turned on that's not that impressive but that is cool like over a couple years a thousand dollars but what's even cooler is that it generates two to three hundred dollars a month from affiliate marketing about three grand a year one video that was made over a thousand days ago what would happen if you started adding videos like that to your brand of your business would that be good yes it would [Music]

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