ATTENTION! Video Auto-Play Got Shutdown Worldwide & ALL Your Videos Are Losing Views!

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Boost Video Views Using Irresistible Animated Thumbnail Hacks Over Videos.  

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EngageBoost is The World’s FIRST & ONLY Tool That Solves the Auto-Play Shutdown Problem Forever

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Boost Leads & Sales Without Creating More Videos

Enjoy more leads and sales from your unmissable videos on your pages without changing a thing on your website and landing pages and without creating more videos!

Enjoy More Views by Creating Irresistible Eye-Catching Animated Video Thumbnails in Minutes

Never worry about visitors scrolling straight past your video thinking it’s just an image. With our unlimited customizations, easily create wildly engaging thumbnails that are unmissable.


Using EngageBoost’s smart auto-placement technology, you never have to replace any codes or embed scripts.

We automatically place your animated thumbnail over ALL your videos!

Never Worry About Autoplay Nightmares

The auto-play ban on all major browsers was a kick in the teeth to all marketers but with EngageBoost you never have to worry about decreased views, clicks, leads and sales again.

100% Browser & Search Engine Friendly

Using custom scripts that FORCE the auto-playing of videos can get you penalized (which means ZERO traffic for you).

EngageBoost’s compliant approach keeps search engines and browsers happy.

Save Money & Time on Developers And Designers

Getting this done WITHOUT engageboost costs you time & money to design and code each and every animated thumbnail.

With EngageBoost, you skip that entire time window and don’t need to pay anything to any developers.

EngageBoost is Here to Help You Adapt… 

Capture Attention. Click Play. Increase Views.

We took the exact same concept that every marketer and advertising guru uses for advertising… 

You know what I’m talking about, right?

Boring, dull images not getting clicks anymore on Facebook etc etc. 

They simply replace their images with engaging, eye-catching moving images/GIFs/videos and BAM – their clicks go up, their costs go down and sales rise.

The concept was simple… Just apply this to our videos. 

…And it WORKED! We completely SOLVED the auto-play issue with one test!

That’s when we knew we had to build this out for the public so that they didn’t have to hire expensive designers and coders for each and every one of their videos!

Animate Your Auto-Paused Video Thumbnails for MORE Views!

Without logging into any video platform (…simply paste in your video link)

Without needing to using any third-party player (use your existing video hosting service

Without hiring expensive designers and coders (…or needing to spend hours designing yourself)

Without replacing or editing anything in your video platform or builder (skip the video editing time and investment)

Without affecting anything in your main video (your marketing videos still SELL



See How You Can Transform Your Auto-Paused Videos That Are Losing You Views …

Into Hyper-Engaging View Magnets!

No EngageBoost:

Use EngageBoost:

No EngageBoost:

Use EngageBoost:

Using EngageBoost’s Point & Click Simple Features

Watch Me Create an Irresistible Animated Thumbnail

EngageBoost works for beginners and advanced marketers in all niches…

Here’s a quick summary of everything you can do inside of EngageBoost today…

YES! I’m Ready To Solve The Auto-Play Shutdown Problem Once and For All & Boost My Video Views Today! 

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Unlimited Lite

1 Animated Thumbnail

1 Video Platform Supported

50+ Premium Overlays Included

Huge Image & GIF Library

Text Call-to-Actions & Pre-Sets

Emojis Play Button Templates


YouZign Integration

Mobile & Desktop Friendly

24/7 Customer Support Team

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Unlimited Pro

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Unlimited Animated Thumbnails

All Major Video Platforms Supported

50+ Premium Overlays Included

Huge Image & GIF Library

Text Call-to-Actions & Pre-Sets

Emojis Play Button Templates + Animations

YouZign Integration

Mobile & Desktop Friendly

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

24/7 Customer Support Team

One-Time Payment Of


We Will See You Inside.

Rick Nguyen

Ugoo Carson

A: We don’t actually change anything in your video. We take the same concept used in traditional advertising over to video to increase the CTR (click-through rates) of your videos (using our smart engageboost tech). Auto-play doesn’t work anymore due to the latest browser updates, so view counts are down for everyone. We counter this by creating engaging, animated thumbnails that are auto-placed over your videos to increase views for your business. More views = more people to convert into leads and sales.

A: You can access us from any browser, as long as you have an active internet connection. Nothing to download.

A: Currently, we work with YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Vidello and Amazon s3 videos. However, we’re constantly expanding.

A: Absolutely not. We’re focused on boosting your video play count without all the hassle. It’s just 3 easy steps to get a campaign up and running. We even handle the auto-detection of your videos on your pages!

A: Yes. We strive to impress you with a boost in your view count but if for any reason you’re unhappy with our service we’ll happily provide you with a full refund within 30 days of your purchase

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