WARNING: Email Isn't As Lucrative In 2021

How This "Hidden In Plain Sight Email Killer" Gets Us A Mindblowing 82% Open Rate

And How We're Making Consistent $250 Recurring Payments By Giving This To Local Businesses As Service

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From The Desk Of: Mo Taqi
Subject: The hidden in plain sight "email killer" in town that's getting us 80%+ open rates and how we're making out like bandits by selling it as a service to local clients

As an internet marketer with 10 years of experience, email has always been the bread and butter of my business.

Don't get me wrong, email is still effective, but it's on the decline.

And if you don't adapt, your online business is DOOMED.

Which is why it's cruical for you to pay close attention...

You see, there's a new supermodel in town that's light years ahead of email marketing. I'm talking about 80%+ open rates... and clickthrough rates 7x higher than email.

It's like comparing the New York Yankees vs a Little League team.

In the next couple minutes, you're going to see how this "hidden in plain sight email killer" could astronomically increase your revenue with no extra effort...

...and how we're cashing in $250 recurring monthly payments by offering it as a service to local clients.

First, quick question for you...

What Does Your Inbox Look Like?

Is It Jam Packed With Emails?

When you last checked your inbox, it was likely a mess, right?

Hundreds of emails swamping your inbox, trying to get your attention...

There's simply too many to read.

There are loads upon loads of marketers competing for you to open...

So why should you care about this?

Because just like your inbox, your average lead's inbox is STUFFED too, and that's a big problem when trying to monetize your audience.

Your emails are drowned out by the noise and you're losing heaps of potential profit. 

And It Gets Worse, With Filters

That Mark Your Emails As Spam

Email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook are getting super-sophisticated with their filters.

This makes it harder than ever before for us to reach our audience. So consider yourself lucky if you're able to get into the primary inbox.

The reality is this... It won't get any better.

The situation will continue to worsen.

I don't mean to sound all doom and gloom, it's just a warning that you must adapt or face serious consequences...

So That Begs The Question, How

Do You Stand Out & Thrive In 2021?

How do you protect your online business so you can thrive for years from now?

What's the secret to getting your message heard in the crowd of always growing marketers?

Well the great news is, I've found a solution...

It allows you to instantly stand out from the noise and get your message in front of your audience FAST.

In Fact, It's What Companies Like Facebook, Google, Twitter, & YouTube Are Doing To Rake In Billions

You see, all the social media giants are all doing one thing to drive massive engagement with their visitors during the pandemic

They're using a hidden in plain sight strategy that lets you get your messages out to virtually ALL of your audience.

Not 10%. Not 30%. Not 40%.

We're talking about 80%+ open rates.

It makes email look like a JOKE.

So what are we talking about here?

Push Notifications...

You've probably seen them before.

They popup on the corner of your screen, often notifying you of a new Facebook message, news alert, Skype message, etc.

And they're called push notifications.

They're a new and massively underutilized breed of technology that's been hidden under the noses of most marketers.

In fact, we've been able to get 82% open rates with them..

And clickthrough rates 7x higher than email...

Could you imagine what that would do for YOUR business?

But not so fast...

There's A Big Problem With

Push Notifications

After all, if they were so great, why isn't everyone else using them?

Here's why...

It's typically difficult to get people subscribed to push notifications.

Because frankly, the default prompt by Google looks VERY uninviting...

Unlike an email optin page, there is no incentive to subscribe.

I mean, would YOU personally optin to that? Probably not.

This is why most internet marketers avoid push notifications.

But here's the good news...

We've Figured Out How To Bypass The

Ugly Default Browser Prompt So You Can Ethically Bribe People To Subscribe

Instead of an annoying popup that you instantly want to close, this gives your audience a no brainer REASON to subscribe to your push notification list.

It looks like this:

By ethically bribing your audience to subscribe with offers such as a freebie, free discount, far more people will be eager and happy to sign up.

Isn't that better than the default prompt offered by Google?

Not only are push notifications good for marketers, they're also helpful for businesses.

Incentivized Push Notifications Are

A Goldmine For Local Businesses

(Read On To See How You Could Get Paid...)

Bussineses are able reach their entire audience, with the power of push notifications.

Emails typically get a 10% open rate, while push notifications get a 80% open rate on average.

This creates a BIG opportunity for local marketers, where you can help businesses grow with push notifications.

It's a unique service proven to expand revenue that'll separate you from the other marketers hounding them down with calls...

In fact...

We're getting away with charging $250 recurring monthly payments to local businesses.

And they continue to happily pay, because push notifications are a surefire way to convert leads into paying customers.

Finally, You Have The Ability To

Profit From 100% Of Your Audience

At last...

You'll be able to tap into your audience like you've never done before...

It's all thanks to the mind blowing high open and clickthrough rates that push notifications have to offer.

Say goodbye to reaching only 10-20% of your audience with email.

Just imagine how much more clicks you could be sending to offers...

You're about to put your business on steroids.


Notifio is an all in one tool that lets you build giant push notification lists for yourself, or for local businesses.

On a daily basis, we enjoy 80%+ open rates and clickthrough rates 7x higher than email.

Not only that, push notifications are opened quickly, usually in 2 hours, compared to an average 6 hours for email.

This is your chance to tap into ALL of your leads.

Sadly, most of your emails will never be read. they're either drowned out by the noise of your competitors or they're in the spam folder.

That's not the case with Notifio.

There is no spam box with push notifications.

Notifio lets you quickly get your message out to your audience at the press of a button...

Experience The Power Of Notifio

In Only Three Simple Steps

Step 1.

Create A New Campaign

We recommend offering your audience an attractive incentive to subscribe such as a freebie or discount.

Step 2.

Copy & Paste To Install Notifio

Copy the snippet of code we give you and paste it into the header section of your website.

*Note: Notifio is compatible with ANY website.

Step 3.

Send A Notification

Reach out to your push notification subscribers with a message. You can use any link along with text. And watch as the clicks roll in like a tsunami...

Step 4.

Charge Business Owners To Use Push Notifications (Optional)

Our students have been getting away with charging local clients $250 monthly to have their push notifications managed. Notifio makes everything a breeze.

Demo Video: See Notifio In Action

The Users Of Notifio Couldn't Be Happier,

Take A Look At Their Kind Words Below...

Taqi has done it again! I have been looking to get started with push notifications but was hesistant due to the steep monthly fees charged by other services. That's why I was excited when I got the chance to use Notifio. You guys really know how to make a great app 🙂

Ben Goldman

Beta Tester

The main highlight of Notifio is the ease of access it offers. There's nothing to install and the dashboard is structured in an easy to nagigate way. You went above and beyond with this one dude.

Daniel Kent

Beta Tester

I got my first push notifications client a day after by using the 1,000 leads you gave me. We agreed to $299 monthly and he seemed to have no problem paying that. Excited for more to come.

Emily Clark

Beta Tester

Notifio Is Jam Packed Full Of Powerful

Features That'll Let You Scale Your Business To Unimaginable Heights...

Put together a push notification optin for your website in less than 60 seconds with the built in widget builder. After that, you'll be able to start collecting subscribers.

Notifio's widget builder gives you full control and customability. Change colors, images, text size, buttons, and more to make the widget blend in with the website.

Send push notifications to your subscribers with ease using the message sender inside the Notifio dashboard.

Notifio is compitable with all major browsers, so you won't be missing out on any  subscribers.

There's nothing to install, and you can manage Notifio from any device you want as it's a web based app.

For a limited time only, we are offering a commercial license to Notifio users for free. You'll be able to sell Notifio to local clients and potentially create a serious income for yourself. 

When you act today, you'll receive 1,000 unique, pre-vetted business leads that aren't using push notifications. This is one of the easiest services to sell, as most local marketers are focused on ranking and ads.

Notifio is compatible with all international languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, and more.

During the launch period only, you can lock in Notifio at a low one time price. Other push notification apps can charge over $300 monthly.

Stand Out From The Crowd By Selling

Businesses A Unique & Proven Service

As the years go by, local marketing continues to become more competetive than ever before.

Business owners are getting hounded down by an uncountable amount of marketers for their services on a daily basis.

It's caused them to put their guard up...

Let's face it... Businesses KNOW what common services like ranking, reputation, and advertising are. It's offered to them a lot and it isn't that exciting anymore.

Which is why you must offer a unique and proven service they've never heard of before.

Push notifications are exactly that...

And Notifio Makes Offering Push Notifications

To Businesses Copy And Paste Simple

Let me show you how dead easy this is...

First, setup a widget inside of Notifio and change the colors, text, and images to match the company's branding.

Second, copy and paste the line of code we give you into the header section of their website.

And third, charge your clients a recurring or one time price. We find it works best to charge a $250 monthly fee, although it's fully up to you.

That's it!

Businesses have no problem paying that much, because other services can cost them far more and it pays for itself...

Increase Your Revenue With

Zero Extra Adspend

Amid the pandemic, it's become harder for cash strapped businesses and marketers to grow with paid advertising.

Do paid ads work? Yes.

But you can end up wasting thousands of dollars until you're profitable... 

That's why you need Notifio.

You can reach ALL of your audience and maximize your profits with the sky high open and clickthrough rates.

All at just a one time investment. After that, you'll be able to grow your business with no spending.

No more leaving money on the table!

There's Never Been A Better Time To

Start Leveraging Push Notifications


Get promotions out to all of your audience with the help of push noitifcations. We're enjoying open rates of 80%+.


In addition to sky high open rates, push notifications offer a lucrative clickthrough rate that's an average 7x higher.


If you're lucky to get your emails opened, it takes an average of 6 hours. Push notifications take less than 2 hours.


Push notifications enable you to contact all of your audience, not 10-20% of your audience like you do with email open rates.


Unlike email, there's no spam folder involved with push notifications. Your message is directly sent to your subscriber and they'll instantly see it once they open their browser.


No more competing with the hundreds of other marketers in your subscribers inbox. You'll be able to reach more of your audience in a quicker timeframe.


Notifio gives your visitors a reason to join your push notifications, by offering them a freebie, discount, or deal.

You Get To Benefit From All Of This

At A Low One Time Investment

For a limited time only we are offering the founding members of Notifio a no brainer deal...

Access for just a one time investment.

Pay once and you can continue using without forking over monthly fees.

You won't find anything like this out there...

All the other push notification services out there force you to hand over hundreds monthly.

Not with Notifio...

Notifio Works With Any Website Out There

It doesn't matter what type of website you or your client is using.

Because Notifio works with everything out there...

Simply copy and paste the line of code we give you into the header section of the website to add the Notifio optin widget. 

After that, it's all smooth sailing.

You'll be able to start building a push notification list and start communicating with them.

Take A Look At All The No Brainer

Reasons Why Notifio Benefits You

Newbie Friendly

We built Notifio from the ground up, aimed at both beginners and experts. Our interface is sleek and doesn't take a PhD to use.

Web Based App

You can use Notifio from any device as long as it has internet access. There is nothing to download or install.

Unique Service

Stand out from other local marketers by offering a new & proven service business owners haven't heard of before

Commercial License

If you act today, you will receive a commercial license which gives you the ability to provide Notifio as a service to businesses.

Expand Revenue

Squeeze more profits out of your existing audience without spending more to acquire new leads.

One Time Price

You won't have to shell over monthly fees, as you're getting access to Notifio at a low one time investment.

No Tech Required

You don't need any technical experience to set this up. Notifio does all the heavy lifting for you behind the curtains.

Training Included

We're including step-by-step training that reveals how use Notifio in immense detail.

Pays For Itself

With sky high open and clickthrough rates you won't find it difficult for Notifio to quickly pay for itself.

Any Kind Of Business Out There

Can Make Great Use Of Notifio

Pool Builders







Auto Shops

Nail Salons




And So You Can Get Your First Client,

We're Giving You 1,000 Pre-Vetted Leads

In addition to the commercial license, we're not going to stop there...

We're going to make it virtually impossible for you to not get a client for push notifications, by giving you 1,000 business leads.

These aren't just any leads...

These are hot, pre-vetted business leads that aren't using push notifications.

All you need to do is close just one of them and you've more than paid for your low one time investment of Notifio.

You're Receiving A Proven

Recipe To Online Success

Like baking a cake, you need the right ingredients to succeed as an online marketer.

Maybe not eggs or butter, but instead traffic and being able to reach out to your audience...

With Notifio, you're putting yourself on the right path. Just imagine...

How much more you could be making if your open rates were 80% and clickthrough rates 7x higher.

Notifio is as game changing as it gets...

This is your chance to start growing your business at a nuclear pace.

And To Make This An Irresistible Offer

We Are Throwing In These FREE Bonuses

You’re Protected By Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We strive for 100% Satisfaction and will honestly try to accomodate any buyers needs. We do incur substantial costs to have our software maintained along with the staffing of support members.

Therefore, no refund are offered.

To help you make your purchase decision we are including demo for the software on the salespage so there is no mystery as to what you’re getting. If you are not sure please ask before purchasing. Thanks!

Ready To Start Exploiting The Power Of

Push Notifications With Notifio?

Gone are the days of struggling with email.

You can say goodbye to the low open rates, low clickthrough rates and the spam filter.

That's all not to mention standing out from the hundreds of marketers trying to sell to your subscribers as well.

Notifio is your chance to give your online business a serious boost...

Or offer it to local businesses and build yourself a nice recurring income.

How you use it is up to you.

But Don't Wait Any Longer, This Offer

Will Be Closing At Any Moment

If you like the idea of monetizing your audience to it's fullest potential, the time to act is now.

After the launch period, the price will revert back to a recurring price.

Which means you'll have to pay over and over when you could've gotten started now for just a low one time investment.

What's the point?

I don't know. That's why it's cruicial for you get started, before you miss out on this limited time only discount.

Pick A Plan That Fits You Best

  • Lite

  • 100 Websites
  • 1,000 Subscribers
  • 5,000 Notifications/Month
  • Fully Customizable Widget Creator
  • Easy Notification Sender
  • Major Browsers Supported
  • Foreign Languages Supported
  • Personal License Only
  • Standard

  • 500 Websites
  • 10,000 Subscribers
  • 100,000 Notifications/Month
  • Fully Customizable Widget Creator
  • Easy Notification Sender
  • Major Browsers Supported
  • Foreign Languages Supported
  • Commercial License Included

I'll See You Inside,

Mo  Taqi

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a lite license for local clients?

Nope. If you intend on using Notifio for that purpose, get the standard version. 

How easy is Notifio to use?

It's like child's play. We designed the interface to be super easy to use, unlike most software.

Is this a relaunched product?

No. We built Notifio from the ground up and haven't launched this anywhere else.

What languages are supported?

Notifio supports all major languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, and much more.

Can I schedule a notification?

If you want scheduling functionalities, you may want to upgrade to the Pro version that allows you to schedule a push notification in advance.