Neverwinter | 20 Tips for New Players in 2020

believe it or not, i used to be a new player!
crazy, i know, but that's how that works.

there are a bunch of things i wish i knew
when i was first starting neverwinter.

today i have for you 20 tips for new players
in 2020.

i made a similar video to this in the past,
but it's on my old channel that was hijacked, so i thought i would make an updated, better
one on my new channel.

if you're not a new player, some of these
things may seem really obvious to you, but a lot of things aren't made clear to people
just starting out.

hopefully this video will help you out and
make some things easier to understand.

that's the goal.

alright so tip number one
don't worry too much about your character during the leveling process.

the gear and the stats you have won't really
matter until you're level 80 and start participating in dungeons and campaigns.

just put on whatever gear you can find.

make sure you're wearing pants though.

take them from an orc if you have to.

but please, wear pants.

don't worry about making your stats perfect
until you're past level 80 and start actually making enough astral diamonds to realistically
support getting the stats you want.

number 2
get all the free inventory space there is.

there are 6 places where you can get bags,
the first one being black lake district, which is the first zone you'll get access to.

the quest for it is called close to the crown.

the second bag you can get is in the neverdeath
graveyard area.

you'll get it after you complete the clockwork
guild tomb quest, which is basically one of the last quests in the area.

the third one comes from the staff of savras
mini introductory campaign, you get this campaign from sybella and it starts in the tower district

the 4th bag you can get comes as a reward for using someone's referral link.

i'll talk about this in a minute.

the 5th place to get a bag is during the neverember's
recruitment event, which happens a couple times a year.

new characters leveled during the event gain
a currency that can be used to purchase valuable items, one of which is a runic bag that has
36 slots.

the last place to get free bags is not guaranteed,
and you won't have access to it until after level 70, but there's a small chance to get
a dragon cult bag from the temple of tiamat trial.

so overall there is plenty of inventory space
available, and i recommend getting as much of it as you can.

it will make your life easier.

trust me.

number 3
now you're probably wondering what this referral thingy is that i mentioned a minute ago.

basically it's just someone who refers you
to the game.

if you are brand new or if you have a character
below level 10, you can use a referral link to get some gear, a free mount, free bag and
a free companion.

my referral link is in the description if
you would like to use that, but it only works for PC players since referral links have to
be for the same platform you play on.

if you have an xbox or ps4 referral link,
you can share it in the comments so that new console players can use one of those.

you can claim your rewards with the big "claim
rewards" button on the home screen (which you get to by pressing L on pc) or you can
visit the reward claim agent in the enclave.

if you already have a character higher than
level 10, it won't work, even if you delete the character.

number 4
when you're creating a character, do a quick search to figure out which ability scores
you should be focusing on.

this way you can pick the racial ability bonus
that suits you and you'll know where you want to put your points as you're leveling up.

number 5
don't skip over the acquisitions incorporated campaign that starts at level 15.

to start
the campaign, you'll need to pick up a flier from the enclave, there's like 50 of them
all over the map.

if you do skip this, it's really annoying to come back to later.

it's better to do it early while the enemies
are still a similar level as you, and it will help you level up.

number 6
once you unlock cloak Tower, which is the first dungeon, start doing your daily random
dungeon for some astral diamonds.

you can save up the ad you get from the random
dungeons to buy a faster mount.

moving around slowly is probably one of the
most annoying things, and it'll also give you some extra XP and speed up your leveling
process a little bit.

number 7
don't waste too many astral diamonds on things you don't need, especially early on when you
don't have a reliable way to get money.

it's kinda like real life.

of course, there will always be that one thing
that you just HAVE to have, but try not to go overboard.

number 8
play through the undermountain campaign and level to 80 first before going back and doing
the other major campaigns for boons.

good ones to start with are elemental evil,
dread ring, sharandar and maze engine just because those are the simplest to get through.

i strongly advise that you do not buy any
campaign buyouts for your first character.

you'll miss a lot of story and have a lot
less experience when you try to run the dungeons associated with those campaigns.

a lot of the time, dungeon mechanics are shown
to you at some point during the campaign, and if you miss out on that you'll have no
idea what to do in the dungeon.

number 9
join a guild.

guilds offer boons that significantly increase
your stats, as well as a bunch of people to do quests and run dungeons with, or to just
hang out with.

but do a little research before joining the
first random guild that will pick you up.

read about the guilds you're interested in,
talk to a couple people from it, make sure they speak the same language and are in a
similar time zone as you, and see if you'll enjoy yourself there.

you can switch guilds whenever you want, but
your first experience will shape your opinion of guilds, so make it a good one.

number 10
don't be afraid to delete a character and try another class if you aren't having fun.

you get 2 character slots for free, so that's already 2 classes you can try out, and getting
additional slots is really cheap.

there are 8 different classes in neverwinter,
so if you're not feeling the first one by the time you unlock paragon paths, which is
level 30, try a different one.

number 11
as soon as you unlock professions, start the workshop quests and work on leveling up the
profession of your choice.

these will allow you to make various potions,
armor reinforcement kits, dyes and so on.

it'll also allow you to participate in event
specific professions, such as the summer festival, where you can craft limited time foods to
increase your stats.

watermelon sorbet is one of the foods you
craft during the summer event, and it sells for a decent amount.

it's also the best food in the game.

don't question it.

number 12
as you level up, but more importantly after you hit level 70 and 80, check the auction
house for some cheap gear.

it'll make your life easier instead of having
to wait and hope you get a new pair of pants that fall off that enemy you just killed,
and you probably wouldn't want to wear those pants anyway.


number 13
if you find yourself getting irritated by the various political and religious arguments
that happen in the enclave zone chat, you can turn it off.

if you're in a guild or have friends to play
with i usually recommend people just turn off the zone and say channels, but some people
do like to keep them on.

also the difference between the zone and the
say channels are not explained in the game.

so basically each map in the game is divided
into instances which are copies of the same map to split up the player base and reduce
the load on the servers.

so the say channel only sends messages to
the players who are in the same instance of the map as you whereas the zone channel sends
the messages to all of the instances of the same map.

the say channel also supposedly
has a radius as well, so messages you send will only be sent to players in your instance
that are within a certain distance from you.

i hope that made sense.

number 14
armor penetration is the most important stat for doing damage.

I recommend you watch a video or read an updated
guide about which stats to go for and how much of each stat you're going to need.

the concept of opposing rolls is not explained
and the number of stats enemies have at every level is not explained in game either except
for the dungeons.

now this isn't as important while you're leveling,
but it's still some nice information to know, and it does become more important later on.

number 15
you'll have the best experience if you don't copy a build from someone right away.

experiment with the powers you think sound
fun and seem good.

you can always change everything later.

retraining tokens are very common during the
summer and winter festivals, so it's easy to get lots of them.

you can also retrain using astral diamonds
now as well, but that shouldn't be necessary once you've been through one of the festivals.

number 16
as soon as you have enough astral diamonds, probably after your mount purchase, pick up
the cheapest augment companion on the auction house and some cheap companion gear to put
on it.

don't worry about which one is the best right

augment companions will give you 100% of their
stats, which will make leveling easier.

rank 7 or rank 8 bonding runestones are pretty
cheap as well, and these will give you even more of your companion's stats.

there's a link to a spreadsheet in the description
that has all the companions and a ton of other useful information.

number 17
you can only have one buff from each type of consumable active at a time.

for example, different types of potions will
override each other.

you can have one potion, one stronghold food,
one event food, one elixir, one trinket, and one invocation buff active at a time.

applying a second buff from the same category
will just override the first one which you probably don't want to do.

or maybe you do.

i'm not judging.

number 18
look around for giveaways.

after a new module comes out, there are usually
a couple of promotions floating around the internet with free stuff.

it's usually just potions, injury kits, a
cape and so on, but occasionally there are unique mount ones.

some content creators also receive codes monthly
to give away to their communities.

if you do get a code for a giveaway, you can
redeem it in the arc client.

if you don't use the arc client, there is
a link on the neverwinter forums where you can redeem your code, or you can use the link
in the description.

number 19
now let's talk about Zen, which is the premium currency.

don't buy Zen prematurely, make sure you know
you want to support the game before doing so.

most things on the zen market right now are
not worth the money.

i had a video on my old channel that reviewed
the zen market and i talked about what was and was not worth buying, but that channel
doesn't exist anymore.

i'll have to make an updated version soon.

but if you do want to purchase zen, the best
time to do so is during a bonus currency event or a promotional reward period, and the best
time to spend it is during a big sale where everything is 40 or 50 percent off.

these sales are at Black Friday and during
the anniversary in the summer, but if you aren't patient there are smaller category
based sales in between, like every other week or something like that, and you can get coupons
from invoking.

the best thing to buy is VIP.

when you buy
zen, don't buy it through Steam.

it is a lot more likely to put your account
on probation, meaning everything you buy with the Zen becomes bound to your account for
a week or so.

you also won't get the free bonus Zen for
buying in bulk.

just buy from the arc website and save yourself
the trouble.

number 20
lastly but not leastly, don't rush to get to level 80.

there's no pile of money at the end, it isn't
going to disappear tomorrow, it will always be there.

take your time and enjoy the game because
you're not going to enjoy the zones as much the second or third or fourth time through.

there is no experience quite like the first
one so take your time and enjoy it.

well, that's all 20 of the tips i have for
you today.

if you learned something, or if you have some
tips of your own to share, make sure to let me know in the comments.

also, if you liked the video, give me your
thumb to add to my thumb collection.

i need to start building that up again.

thank you for watching or listening or whatever,
and i'll see you next time! ok bye

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