if you watch this video there are most likely two options first you are a new player that never touched tibia before and want to learn how to play the game second you are returning player from a life before that don't remember anything after this video you will know everything to play tibia in 2021 the video will show you how to create your first character the option interface your first steps how to talk with npcs settings spells to hotkeys and the action-packed combat system one eternity later the four different classes knight paladin druid and sorcerer do you want to come with me on this journey then let's go the first thing you need to do as a new player is to create a new account and character you can either visit the official homepage tbr.

com yourself or use my invite link in the video description i don't have a real benefit from this link beside an outfit on my own character and in-game bonus on my skills unfortunately the company that owns tevia do not offer partnerships like affiliate links or other benefits for content creators it would still make me happy if you use my link so i can see how many new players registered to tibia from watching this video this is the landing page type in your email address and set a safe password for your account type in a character name of your choice and choose your gender then click play now click on manage account and then on my account your first character was automatically made on a random world to show you all options in the character creation click on create character here you can see all options like world location and server type there are different pvp types as a beginner i suggest you a peaceful non-pvp world for example concaller it has a really nice and small community if you are asked to play the tutorial unclick it the tutorial is really outdated and extremely short and it will leave you with a lot of questions the last thing you need to do is confirm your account simply go to your email and click the link write down this code really good if you lose your account this code will help you recovering your account tibia can be played completely free but there's also a feature called premium account which gives you a lot of useful benefits like more experience in the first two hours of a day access to new cities be able to rent houses more outfits more spells and a lot of more things it makes the game more enjoyable and easier it's absolutely not a must because the game can also be played as a free account but since there is a trial especially for new accounts of 10 days for only 3 euro i thought it was worth mentioning the last thing before we can start playing is downloading the client click on download and then choose the client of your system alright now open the client that you have downloaded and installed you will now see the login screen before we log in we gonna change some settings to make the game easier for you click on the wheel on the top of the screen choose classic controls change the heart style to arcs and change the graphics to anti-aliasing click apply and then we are ready to log in the first thing we do is dragging the gameplay window bigger basic movement you can achieve by walking on the arrow keys but this is the old method most people nowadays play on wasd or on a keypad like that i will show you how to work on wasd to do so go to the wheel to the right of the screen click on hotkeys in the option chat mode on search for chat mode set chat to off and then choose for example f now the other way around go to the option chat mode off search for chat mode set chat on and choose t when pressing f or t it activates or deactivates the chat with a deactivated chat w will walk not a will walk west b will walk east and s will walk south on top of this you can make diagonal steps q will walk not west e will walk not east y will walk southwest and c will walk southeast so far for the movements wasn't that hard right [Applause] now you are ready to learn more about hotkeys the glasses interior and the combat system go west and pass through the gate you will get equipment and items now you can set up your first hotkeys for spells and healing right click the action bar and press assign hotkeys choose one then drag and drop the purple mana potion from your backpack with left click into the action bar choose use on yourself then set up the next action bar once again press assign hotkey and choose 2.

open the spell list by clicking this icon to the right then move the spell butts with drag and drop into the action bar window the third action bar we're gonna use for a healing spell assign hotkeys choose 3 then move the spell magic patch into the window ok we are ready for combat track the battle list a bit bigger to attack in monster you can left click the monster in the battle window your auto attack will now start attacking to add a spell into your rotation press the hotkey that we set up before in this case two you can also attack a monster if you right click it inside the game window the auto attack and spells will consume points from the blue bar they are called mana points if your blue bar is empty you can't attack cast spells or heal anymore to fill it up drink one of the purple potions that we set up on hotkey 1 before half points and mana points can also fill up by eating food it will regenerate your points over time make sure to loot dead monsters by simply right clicking on the corpse the items are going to your backpack to loot monsters you need enough cap points we just looted an armor let's see if this one is better than the one we are currently using press ctrl plus left click on the armor to open in menu choose cyclopaedia to find out more about items like armor value or cell value at npcs do the same at your current armor control left click cyclopedia as you can see we were lucky the ladder armor we looted has 4 armor that's better than our blue coat we are currently using so drag and drop the armor from your backpack into your armor slot to change it the old one you can throw away simply drag and drop it on the ground okay let's go a bit more into detail of the combat system let's see what runes are doing in tibia set up two more action bars and assign them to four and five then move the runes from your backpack into the windows the first one is a single target rune choose the option use on target the second rune is the area attack rune choose the option use with crosshairs like always attack the monster and then press 4.

you see it will start shooting the rune on the target similarly then the spell on action bar 2 but what about roon on 5 press 5 and you will see that your mouse cursor will change to a small square this means you're about to use the runes somewhere if you decided the destination press left click to shoot the rune i have good news you know everything complex about the combat system these two classes were a sorcerer in a druid sorcerer and druids are magic users so they are heavily dependent on the blue points called mana to cast spells and healing they also use more runes than the other two occasions and they constantly cast spells to kill their opponents this makes these glasses quite expensive to play on the same time they are really good damage dealers and healers but they lack in health points which makes them really fragile i told you the combat system on the most complex vocations now it can only get easier but before we continue with the other two classes i will show you how to talk and trade with npcs go to the npc called richard to the not west to create him you need to activate the chat mode by pressing the hotkey that you set up before in our case t say hi or hello he will now react then tell him trade a window of the option to buy and sell items pops up buy a shovel for 10 gold if you do not have ten gold by now kill more monsters and loot them deactivate the chat mode by pressing f let's continue with the other two classes the other two classes knight and paladin are more skill depending to cause damage on the target talking about skills you probably wonder where to see your level and character information such as skills click on the little arrow on the top of the screen to open a new sidebar then click on this button here to open the skill window move it to the sidebar that you just opened and drag it big passing through this gate will make you a paladin you now got a bow and a cure into your hands the cure holds your arrows open it with right click if you have no arrows left you can't damage monsters anymore we can either buy ammunition or make it ourselves open your spell list to the right again and drag and drop the new spell called arrow call to the hotkey 2.

casting this spell will give us new arrows into our cure before we go you should also set up the potion which refills your health similar to the mana potion set it up on hotkey4 this potion is much stronger than your beginner heal spell and refill all your health great so we are ready to bullseye some monsters you will see animation of the arrows flying to the monsters the paladin is not always causing damage the damage and chance to hit depends on his distance skill and level you can see each shot we do the skill bar of the distance skill goes up a bit more paladin you can also use magic and runes just not as good as the mages before you will deal less damage move north and pass through this gate this will make you a knight first of all there are three different type of attack mode full balance and defensive depending in which mode you are you deal less or more damage the counter side you get less damage or more damage by monsters as you can see when opening the spell list the knight only has one spell move it to three different from the other classes the knight has to stand close to the monster to deal damage there is not much to say in the early gameplay of a night since you will start using brutal force attack spells at a higher level just make sure to never face monsters because some like this monster have waves or beams sandy diagonal will make it possible to avoid getting hit the knight has four different skills three for attack and one for shielding you should pick one out of this three weapon skills really early and train yourself in it depends in what skill you're the most trained you deal the most damage to find out what kind of type a weapon is ctrl left click them and check inside the cyclopedia there are club weapons called blunt instrument there are sword weapons called stabbing weapons and there are ax weapons called cutting weapons if you are for example skilled in axe fighting then you won't deal much damage with sword weapons alright let's have a quick summary the last two classes knight and paladin deal mostly physical damage on a higher level the paladin will use holy elemental and the knight will be able to use the four elementals of the druid and the sorcerer with special weapons the knight and the paladin are cheap and easy to learn due to their combat system and high health points this means you won't struggle with money problems so much in the beginning since they don't depend on mana points to cause damage such as the druid and the sorcerer there are also offline trainers which will help you to advance in your skill when you log out from the game the only goal you have now is to reach level 8 and leave this noob island then you will be officially able to call yourself a big boy or a big girl the magic about tibia is that you can always get stronger because there is no level limit once you get into the game you will quickly find out how much fun it is to set goals and then crush them maybe new equipment farming outfits mounts or simply reach a higher level of skill the possibilities are really endless you are also able to create a guild with your friends make challenging quests or bosses together or simply buy a house and decorate it in your style you can go anywhere you like at any time this can also be really dangerous because it can lead you to places you shouldn't be yet for example at a low level the exploration in tibia is amazing you always wonder what's around the next corner there's one more lesson i want to give you that we all struggle with as beginner always i mean really always carry a rope and a shovel because you don't want to end up like this guy remember the shovel you bought it comes in handy in places like this a loose stone pile you can open it by right clicking the shovel and then left click to lose stone pile then you can enter the dungeon if you want to leave the cave you need to use your rope the same way with right and left click on this dark dirt spot here once you killed enough monsters and reached level 8 you go to this npc and choose the vocation of your choice simply say paladin yes or night yes or through it yes or sorcerer yes then you pass through the door of your vocation you find the saucer right here the true in here the knight here and the paladin here open the chest and you get a new backpack filled with beginner equipment right click the backpack to open it and then drag and drop all your new equipment pieces into the right slot okay that's really everything you need to know to be able to play and enjoy the game for a beginner if you have any more questions don't hesitate and post them into the video comments i will answer them for the more advanced tibia players that don't want to start from zero you can use the character auxion's hands to buy a higher level i currently got three characters for sale you can see them in an unlisted youtube video check the link in the description this video took me more than dirty hours i put a lot of love and effort into this guide and i really hope it will help a lot of people to understand tibia if you have any friends interested in tibia now is the time send them this video and let them try the game tibia is a great game with a lot of potential and i would love to see new players coming to this game in this sense i wish you the best guys if you have any questions join my discord or visit me on twitch link is in the video description bye bye you

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