Wer am Network Marketing wirklich verdient

SUBTITLE: Hessischer Rundfunk SUBTITLE: Hessischer Rundfunk A life in superlatives: fat carts, chic trips, passive income while sleeping.

People don't believe .



They don't believe themselves that they can be successful that they can get there, that it is possible to achieve it.

On Instagram and Co.

they lure with quick money and dream returns.

Profit, profit and profit, oh my God! But reality looks different.

But you've also had people who, once briefly, 10,000, Lost 20,000, 30,000.

New companies keep popping up.

The industry is booming.

Nobody is watching these companies so far.

This is network marketing.

We will be on the move in this industry over the next few months.

Crazy commissions and big money with currency speculation: We want to know whether everything is really that easy and who really earns the big money here.

We came across promotional videos on Instagram.

Probably everyone who is on social media, has seen her before.

If you care how I made it from home to build a full time income, swipe up and write to me! What is this about? We do not know that, yet.

The internet is used to splurge and show what you can achieve, like in this video of the TPR.

T stands for True because we are always real.

P stands for peak, the climax, the apex.

We want to get to the top.

We are not satisfied with the average.

40 years, 40 hours, not our thing! We really want to change everything.

We give everything.

Then it's a revolution.

Anyone can do it.

Up until 11 months ago there was nothing here.

We didn't know how it all worked.

But you know there are such possibilities.

If we can all do it, if we all can do it, you too! Welcome to the TPR! * Motor rumble * It's just over-the-top.

You think like this: Can you believe that? One wonders a bit: Are you aware of the satire you are filming? Young people are also specifically addressed at events and recruited.

You too can make the right decision for yourself! We have seen enough and are on our way to the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

Here we meet the expert for the so-called multi-level or network marketing.

Claudia Groß observes a worrying development.

For 10, 15 years there have been companies that target young people.

The problem I see with this is, of course, young people have even less experience with financial products and be more easily blinded by the promises.

Now let's take a closer look at these promises.

We write to a few people and finally speak with a member of the "True Peak Army", the successor to the TPR.

What's up with you guys? Explain please! It's about financial software the American company "Auvoria Prime".

Here we can make money in two ways: first, by attracting new customers and second, by investing money with software.

It costs $ 190 a month and is supposed to automatically speculate with our money in currencies.

What is the goal of the software? We go to 2, 3, 4% per week.

With 2 to 5 percent per week, you could of course afford a lot.

With compound interest that would be more than an incredible 1100% profit per year.

Hardly realistic.

Andreas Hackethal conducts research at the Goethe University in Frankfurt on digitization in the financial sector.

He knows a lot about trading software.

2 to 5% a week, almost certainly, is utter nonsense.

If there was such a thing .



It's like when I tell you there are gold coins buried everywhere.

Would you believe me? No.

Can you as a normal with trading even earn a living? I would question that.

The question is: Who is he competing with? Not with other private investors, one is faster, smarter, etc.

, then I would say: yes.

The competition is all-go traders, hedge funds, investment funds, with giant machines and experts.

Even they have difficulty recovering their costs.

During the research we will be in a closed Facebook group recorded.

Here members show screenshots of their winnings, with impressive returns, nowhere losses.

The way we deal with criticism in the group also makes us suspicious.

One user responds to someone else's losses: "Then you must have definitely done something wrong.

" We're looking for insiders.

Hardly anyone wants to speak to us openly.

We find Tom, who wants to remain anonymous.

He worked for the "True Peak Army" and their predecessors for years built a sales structure.

He says it's perfectly normal for losses to be kept secret.

It's easy.

You can simply filter out the profits.

You can say: Okay, only the 2nd to the 27th The other two days of the month were totally bad.

I'll just leave them out now.

Of course, everything is then manipulated.

Tom also worked for several of Auvoria's predecessor companies Trading software.

It can work.

But the probability is just as high as winning the lottery.

No, it is doomed.

There is no trading software worldwide that works in the long term works and you get rich without doing anything.

That will not do.

This had fatal consequences for some of the customers he had recruited.

You've had people who lost 10,000, 20,000, 30,000.

It gets bad when you know: This is a family man with three children.

Or, whatever happened, he has the children's savings book looted, where he had previously paid in with the woman for ten years.

Back to our promotional calls.

Because we were offered another way to earn money: recruiting new members and customers.

If you get some friends you build up an extra income.

That is the goal of network marketing.

Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing has a pyramid-like structure.

That means that I or each person who starts, other people recruits, who ideally recruits, and so on.

And that leads to a pyramid-like structure.

At Auvoria Prime it looks like this: Each sales person has three so-called "legs", to which the self-recruited members are distributed.

And then they recruit new members and so on.

Such a structure is not illegal at first, but: What makes it illegal or even dubious is if the product is is not a real, tangible product at all.

It is therefore unclear whether there is any external sales in the company coming or whether it's not just about recruiting.

They only take because they are a member and because they hope to make more money starting this product.

The more dubious the product, the more problematic it becomes for friends who have recruited members.

If promises are not fulfilled, members stand up very quickly there without friends, says Claudia Groß.

Friendships are also broken with Mia.

She would rather remain anonymous and send us voice messages.

For a long time she could not understand the disappointment of her friends.

It's different today.

You feel ripped when you pay in money and then also know: The person benefits from me.

I wasn't aware of what I was doing and how morally reprehensible this thing actually is.

At that moment I didn't even think about it.

The problem is, and that is the downside of this approach, that people are so over-motivated that they don't want to hear criticism.

That of course means that the group dynamics can be very strong.

Tom also experienced this group dynamic.

It's kind of like a cult, I have to honestly say.

The sense of community is very great.

You are changing as a person.

Your life, your attitudes change.

At some point it no longer fits with your circle of friends.

But you get to know new friends at events.

The True Peak Army is said to have several 1000 members have said they have.

People meet like here in Mainz, for example.

(Quantity) TPR, TPR, TPR! We continue researching the net.

The True Peak Army is headed by Chris Nickel.

He has more than 60,000 followers on Insta and posts such pictures.

Chriz doesn't seem like a normal office worker.

We ask him for an interview, but we don't get an answer.

Chriz shows his last month's salary on Instagram, allegedly more than 70,000 euros.

Chriz earns money from having thousands of salespeople at the same time are also paying customers.

Network marketing expert Groß sees this as a problem.

The regulation in Germany simply falls short.

There is no regulation of this form of distribution.

Here they are independent sales members.

They're just not protected.

Nobody is really watching these companies.

Keeping a close eye on a financial software provider? That should actually be done by the financial supervisory authority BaFin.

BaFin comments on specific companies such as Auvoria but not in principle and only explains in general: Whether a software product requires a license Financial service depends, for example, on the question of whether the provider concrete investment decisions using software Meet at the customer's discretion and vendors themselves with target their services specifically to the German market.

Both appear on Auvoria Prime and apply to the software being distributed.


Hackethal also sees it that way.

That is a software as a black box does something, I don't even know about .



The provider says the final decision remains with the investor.

That's the back door.

De facto that is not possible without a license.

That would be asset management, so far a very gray area.

Other companies are also on the verge of legality in network marketing.

We want to know who is behind the dubious financial products, how the structures are.

iMarkets Live, Silverstar, Wealth Generators, the list goes on.

Again and again we come across the same backers.

Apparently they always start a new company when the criticism of the previous one becomes too great or the American authorities take action.

This is also the case with Auvoria.

The entire management team was previously at a company called Eaconomy.

What does Auvoria Prime herself say? We don't get an answer to our request.

In Sheridan, Wyoming, USA is registered as "Auvoria Prime".

We look at the company address on Google Maps.

"Wyoming Corporate Offices" resides at the address, a company that rents mailboxes and virtual offices.

A suitable address for start-ups or even for companies, that don't exist very long.

Because another dropout tells us about it, who also wants to remain anonymous.

We call her Annika.

She, too, has been with the True Peak Army for a long time referred customers on social media.

We meet her in a small German town in a parking lot.

Many financial networks can meet regulatory requirements does not do justice at all.

That’s why so many are springing up so quickly and then disappear again just as quickly, because after a certain time certain authorities become aware.

Then one is shut down and a new company is simply founded with the same people, the same product, the same sales structure.

She invested a lot of time and built up her own team.

Your conclusion: It wasn't financially worth it, no.

If you put that in relation to the time required, that one deserves as a mediocre or already good person, then it wasn't a good hourly wage.

You sit on your cell phone day and night and write to people.

The networker is on the social media profiles of it of course nothing to see.

Fast cars, a lot of money, a big villa, great trips.

Often it is simply borrowed or provided or does not belong to the people.

They just pretend it belongs to them.

Social media is very important to recruit new people and also to show presence: I'm there.

I have a great life.

You can have that too.

But in reality there are many more bills than bills in a dubious industry that plays with the dreams of young people and in which few win and many lose.


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