Wurm Online Sandbox MMO ► Steam Release Beginner’s Guide (Tips & Tricks, Game Introduction)

What's going on folks, and welcome back to
the party.

With the recent delay of New World's mmo and
the community needing games to burn time, I figured today would be the perfect opportunity
to introduce you guys to an MMO I fell in love with the moment I first played it.

It's about to enter it's steam launch after
over a decades time since it's release, and even though it's got
old school graphics and animations, feature wise it is one of the most detailed sandboxes
I've ever seen.

For those of you who played Life is Feudal
with me, this is a game I've always considered to be the grandfather of that game, and a
few others.

I'm talking of course, about Wurm Online.

I'm going to make this short by giving you
a quick introduction to the game, followed by some tips to help you get started, and
how you can find me in-game if you'd like to play together, with our community.

Right, so let's start with the game itself.

Wurm is a massive sandbox mmo developed by
Code Club AB and released in 2006.

very long time ago, and still kicking.

The game runs on Java and two of the original
developers that I remember the most are Rolf Jansson, and Markus Persson, also known as
– Notch – the creator of Minecraft.

That's right.

And you will see some similarities in this
game as well.

Wurm has a lot of different features that
make it unique, it's a game that I've often compared to being
the medieval version of Eve Online.

And the community dedication is absolutely

It's free to play but does have an optional
subscription service that gives you full access to the game.

To break it down, if you start off as a free
player, you can level up your skills, explore the world, engage in just about everything
other people can, but – your skills can't go higher than a certain

There's only certain mounts you can ride,
ships you can sail, buildings you can make, things like that.

If you have someone with you whose a premium
player, they could in theory just build all that stuff for you.

And the way we get premium is either buying
it through the online shop, or you can buy it
with the in-game coin currency.

This currency can be used fuel the economy,
plop down settlements for communities, declare player made kingdoms, put up player made merchants,
traders, and more.

You can also earn this currency in-game to
pay for your premium but you might have to work for other people, or buy and sell things
for example.

Wurm features a lot of different
PVP and PVE elements, you've got siege warfare, destructible environments, the ability to
dominate or tame animals and creatures and pit them against your enemy, the ability to
take part in huge battles, or even use the terrain to your advantage like tunneling near
an enemy base.

For player vs environment you've got even
more options, all kinds of different ways to craft and build,
free building that is, over 130-140 different skills to master, so many different weapon
choices, ranging from all kinds of variations, shortswords, longswords, one handed axes,
two handed axes, shortbows, longbows, and a lot in between.

Gathering wise you've got fishing, animal
husbandry, mining, woodcutting, archeology, terraforming, and
for crafting you've got even more.

There's even religion in the game that gives
you the opportunity to follow what are known as the white light gods, or even the evil
one known as the black light god.

You can eventually become a priest who can
cast magic spells or enchant equipment, but it does come with restrictions.

In the original version of wurm, you could
even go so far as becoming a demigod, which allowed a handful
of players to ascend and become gods on their own.

With their own followers.

That doesn't even begin to scratch the surface
of Wurm but hopefully that gives you an idea of what you're dealing with.

Now for the steam launch, we should have 1
pve server, and 1 pvp based one.

just recently we got a look at the map, ill show them right
here, these ones might be different than the original, where we could sail between servers.

But We'll find out tomorrow how the steam
one will work, I'll be joining the PVP server known as Defiance.

If I'm playing wurm, I gotta get the full
package, even if that means a huge maul being buried into my characters face.

Also going to playing on the Jenn Kellon faction
if they give us the choice.

Make sure to follow that if you want to join
up with us.

Alright, now let's briefly cover these tips.

First one, like I said before, Wurm has very
very old school graphics and animations.

When you first get into game, it can be very
overwhelming as to where to start.

My first tip, if you're focusing on combat
– a trick you should know is you can gain weapon experience by chopping down trees with
your weapon.

This gives you a really good way to earn experience
without dying early on.

with that, you want to go for the lower end mobs first, don't try and take on a cave troll
or a hellhound on your first day, especially if it's a champion one.

Go for the dogs, go for the rats, wildcats,
and then eventually lions, goblins are pretty easy too.

Training dummies can also be made with the
proper skills so be sure to make use of that too.

Next tip – gathering, where to find mines.

For miners, you're going to need to start
with prospecting, doing this allows you to search the land from above the ground, to
try and find out where the ore nodes are.

Keep in mind that these resources don't replenish
themselves, so over time you might clear out an entire mine and have to go deeper or start

Make sure you do the
prospecting above ground, it wont work as well if you're already in the cave.

Once you are ready to start a tunnel, you
need to activate your pickaxe by double clicking and right click on the rock itself, then start

It'll take you like 40 to 60 sequences to
actually make it.

Be sure to keep that in mind.

Next up is building – if you want
to start building your house, first thing to remember is you might have to terraform.

Good way to practice this is to find an area
you can dig, and just start digging up dirt and placing it right back on the ground.

For those of you that played Life is Feudal,
this follows a very similar system.

You have to flatten the ground by either adding
dirt, or digging it up based on the current elevation
of the tile you are standing on.

Once you do that – you can start planning
the house before you build it, to get an idea of how you want it to look.

For the actual process of building the house
and everything you need to get started, I would recommend checking out wurmpedia.

and search for "Build House".

After that we have the toolbelt.

In wurm you'll find that
you are going to be doing a hell of a lot of clicking.

But, there are tricks to how you can make
your life a whole lot easier.

Hotkeys are one way which you can bind a ton
of them in the options, but also things like the toolbelt.

This allows you to place equipment, tools,
and other items onto it, so you don't have to open your inventory and
double click it to activate it.

Make sure you put your toolbelt on as soon
as possible and start putting things on it to make life easier.

Next up – speaking of keybinds, one specific
one you will want to look for under the action tab of keybinds, is the call for help one.

Bind this one as soon as possible, I bound
mine to the end key.

When you have
something targeted, something hostile like a bear.

This hotkey automatically types "guards" in
local chat.

If you are a near a settlement or a guard
tower out in the wilds, the nearby npcs will come to your defense and attack whatever's
trying to kill you.

It's important to know that these guards are
strong, but they are also killable.

They do respawn, but it's best to keep that
in mind if you're being chased by a dragon.

And if you are, most likely you probably died
5 minutes before reaching that point.

By the way you can breed or hunt dragons.

Next tip after that is to make sure you use
your tent if they give you one.

Placing your tent down allows you to have
a respawn point, hitch animals like horses to it, and it's just going to make
your life a whole lot easier in general.

Definitely don't neglect it, especially if
you are scouting out a good place to call home.

Next tip – keep in mind that this game has
directional combat, so making use of the fighting keybinds will be very useful.

By default they should be bound to your num
lock keys.

You can also do special moves once you get
more proficient, like stunning people, draining stamina, and other ones.

Next tip – the plots of land, I'll probably
expand on this later depending on how it works in the steam version, but essentially if you
are planning to start a guild, or have a community coming in, plots of land are created by using
a settlement deed.

Which you can usually buy for those in-game
coins at the starting settlement.

These deeds protect your buildings from decay
if I remember correctly, and also spawn different types of guards to protect your land.

Keep in mind that on the pvp server, once
you're outside the settlement, people could choose to go criminal and
attack you.

But luckily, wurm does have criminal penalties
and these guards will usually tear through those kinds of people.

But be sure to keep that danger in mind.

Another tip – building underground or inside
caves, now unlike a lot of sandboxes, wurm allows you to do just about anything you can
think of.

If you want to completely
tear down a mountain, make an island out of a land formation, or anything in between,
you can do that.

One of the coolest things about this is that
you can build underground, and place all sorts of furniture, workbenches, and other things
inside it.

I once went into a base that started out as
a cave entrance, and went all the way up at a slant and turned into a fortress built at
the very top of the mountain.

It was incredible.

If you guys want to
pursue building out the mines of moria, you can.

Next tip – make sure to get pottery jars or
water skins, to store water.

This game features a nutrition system, similar
to games like SCUM.

And having a balanced diet will allow you
to get experience bonuses while trying to level your skills.

The game has no classes by the way, so you
can level up anything you want.

But it's way better to specialize because
it's very grindy.

Water plays a big part in this though, it
will effect things like your stamina regeneration which you need for several interactions.

Make sure to keep a container of it handy,
even if it's a bucket of water in your backpack.

Next up – make sure to forage and botanize
every single tile you terraform or mess with.

Foraging and Botanizing allows you to get
seeds, produce, and other things from the tile.

so make sure that none of it goes to waste
and gather as much as you can from it.

This applies if you're terraforming, cutting
down trees, anything like that.

Always make the most out of what you're doing.

Your crafters and cooks will love you for

For traveling and navigation – make use of
the compass.

Should appear in the top right corner and
you need to be standing still for it to settle, and show you exactly what direction you're
looking at.

Please please be sure to make use of this
whenever possible, you don't want to end up like me who got lost for 18 hours in this
game one time.

because I took a wrong turn trying to find
my body when I died.

We're almost done but next up, if you do animal
husbandry – make sure you right click on your tamed or regular animals and care for them,
this should keep them from dying from old age, and also you can type /caringfor to show
the current ones you're looking after.

Make sure to type /help when you can too,
a lot of useful chat commands you can use will show in there.

Lastly – for choosing a religion – in the
original version there were 3 gods known as the white light gods.

Fo, Vynora, and Magranon.

Followed by the black light god of Libila.

If you have anyone already following the religion,
they can convert you, or for the white light gods, find that beaming white light in the
sky and follow it, it'll lead you to the alter of the gods.

For the black light god, just follow the black
light in the sky.

Make sure to keep in mind, if you become a
priest eventually, you will have certain restrictions based on which religion you follow.

But in turn,
this lets you do cool things like becoming a mage to cast spells, or enchanting items.

Highly recommend checking out the wurmpedia
for more info.

But with that folks, that's all the tips I
have for you currently.

There's a lot more to learn about wurm but
I can't fit it all in one video and I want to make sure I get this out to you guys before
the game launches on steam tomorrow.

If you have any questions or concerns, make
sure to use the global chat in-game and also you can join the wurm discord where there
are hundreds of dedicated community members there to help you.

If you want to join me in-game, don't forget
that I'll be on the Defiance server for PVP, I'll be burning time for a few weeks until
the preview event for New World but I'll probably play the game
even more after that too, and a lot before then.

If you don't like the idea of doing pvp, don't
worry because there will be a PVE server as well.

And with that folks,
thanks very much for joining me to re-introduce Wurm Online.

Actually found my account from 7 years ago
and started playing again to get some of this footage.

Have a wonderful night or day, and farewell.

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